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NeuroWellness Program

Learn the essentials of exercise in nine short weeks!

You've recovered from an acute medical episode, finished your inpatient physical rehabilitation, and maybe had some outpatient therapy. Now what?

Don't lose the gains you've worked so hard to make. Learn how to take charge of your own fitness with the NeuroWellness Program at Siskin Hospital's Health & Fitness Center! This nine-week program will teach you the essentials of exercise and how to maintain an effective exercise program.

Read the story of one NeuroWellness Program graduate.

The NeuroWellness program includes:

  • A screening of all participants by a licensed physical therapist to ensure appropriate placement in the program.
  • Weekly health and wellness classes.
  • Unlimited access to the standard Health & Fitness Center offerings.
  • Personalized class and exercise recommendations based on each member's unique goals and needs.
  • Program attendance records sent to the referring health care provider at the end of the fourth and ninth weeks.
  • Access to the Siskin Saves Lives Program.* 
  • Personalized NeuroWellness Program manual.

Once you've completed the nine-week program, your ongoing membership features:

  • Periodic guidance to ensure proper follow-through of workout.
  • Periodic measurements to monitor status.
  • Ongoing educational classes.
  • Ongoing health and wellness screenings.
  • Social and recreational activities.
  • Phone call follow-up with member if attendance pattern changes.
  • Monthly participation and screening results sent to health care provider, if indicated.
Whether you're facing surgery and want to be physically prepared for the hard work of recovery, or you want to learn how to sustain a life-long exercise program, Siskin Hospital is here to help!

Call 423.634.1234 for more information.

*The Siskin Saves Lives Program is comprised of: