Giving Siskin Hospital the gift of your time and energy is a rewarding experience for you and the patients whose lives you will enrich.

Regardless of which important role you assume, you are choosing to advance Siskin Hospital’s goal of returning patients to the most productive and active lives possible.

In addition to the personal rewards, our volunteers receive recognitions, tax deductions, free parking and complimentary meals, and are invited to participate in Siskin Hospital’s social events. By volunteering for a minimum of eight hours per week, you will have free access to the use of our Health & Fitness Center located on the Siskin Hospital campus.  Volunteers who work at least a half day are also eligible for a free meal on that day.

If you are responsible, enjoy volunteering and experiencing the rewards of involvement in a hospital setting, we would be happy to speak with you. Volunteer candidates are required to provide two written letters of recommendation to be considered.

For more information about how you can fill an important volunteer role at Siskin Hospital, please call 423.634.1299 or email