Areas of Need

You can play an important role in Siskin Hospital’s life-changing mission. Through the significant community support over our almost 30-year history, our donors help us help your neighbors and friends to once again enjoy a fulfilling life beyond disability.

The following is a partial list of programs and services that can benefit from your generosity:


Area of Greatest Need (Unrestricted Donation)

General support gifts fund programs in greatest need to make Siskin Hospital a special place of hope and healing. These contributions provide the hospital with the most flexibility in addressing the particular needs of the institution each year.

Patient Assistance Funds (Charity Care)

Siskin Hospital’s culture of caring began with two brothers, Mose and Garrison Siskin, who experienced tragedy in their lives and knew physical rehabilitation firsthand. The brothers dreamed of building the finest physical rehabilitation hospital, but passed away before seeing their dream fulfilled.

Giving to others was a blessing for the Siskin brothers and charity care remains the heart of Siskin Hospital, providing rehabilitation care to those who do not have insurance or adequate funding. It is our honor to carry on the tradition of Caring People. Changing Lives.® today.

Gifts directed to this fund allow us to provide charitable care so all patients can achieve the best possible outcome.

In 2018, we provided $810,430 to patients with no insurance or insufficient insurance through our charity care fund.

Capital Equipment

At Siskin Hospital, we feel there is no greater form of therapy than the human touch. However, we recognize that the use of state-of-the-art equipment can help enhance our hands-on approach that ultimately advances our patient’s health, independence and life quality. As our hospital continues to grow, we seek donor support to pay for equipment such as:

Exoskeleton – Essentially this is a wearable bionic suit which enables individuals with any amount of lower extremity weakness or paralysis to stand and walk.

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Bicycle – These bikes use low levels of electrical stimulation to activate nerves and muscles to restore movement and improve cardiovascular fitness levels in patients with neurological injuries and paralysis. The electrical stimulation helps the body to actually pedal the bike boosting heart and lung function, improving strength and circulation, building muscle mass.

Zero G Overhear Track System – This harness protects patients from falls while providing body weight support as they practice, walking, balance, sit-to-stand maneuvers and stairs. The Zero G is mounted to an overhead track which means there are no barriers between the patient and therapist. Patients can begin rehabilitation in a safe, controlled environment.

Computers – While it seems like a basic tool, our therapists need computers to access the latest technology for record keeping, reviewing therapy techniques with patients through video, scheduling, and more.

Fitness Center

 Our Health and Fitness Center welcomes and accommodates people of every fitness and ability level. The focus of the Center is to provide an accessible environment where disabled people can exercise alongside the able-bodied.

 Aquatic Program – Many of our patients benefit from aquatic therapy because the water provides a safer environment for mobility. Funding for this programming would allow us to purchase equipment such as water weights and floatation devices.

 Next Step Program – The Next Step Program is for those who have experienced challenges with musculoskeletal or neurological conditions or functional limitations due to an injury. This “next step” in the recovery process allow our certified professionals to provide continued care to reduce a patient’s risk of re-injury. Funding for this program would allow us to purchase pedometers, resistance bands, educational books and more.

 Warrior Wellness Program – To recognize the sacrifices veterans have made to our country, we started the Warrior Wellness Program. This program provides free membership to all veterans and discounted rates for their families to the Siskin Hospital Health and Fitness Center. Your donation to this program will be directed to the greatest need of the group.

 Fitness Equipment – A person’s need for physical fitness and health assessments continue for a lifetime. In order to provide the most modern technology and environment, we always have a need for treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bicycles, etc.

Vocational Services

Vocational Rehabilitation Services provide a crucial link in the continuum of physical rehabilitation, helping individuals return to a productive, meaningful life in the community and workforce following brain injury or other neurological impairment. As a final step toward independence, individuals find pride and a sense of purpose in returning to work and to independent living skills through participating in the programs provided through the Vocational Services Department. Donations to this program go to purchase laptop computers and printers so clients may conduct job searches. In addition, donations are used to help offset the cost of involving clients in community-based activities (e.g., volunteering at community organizations, grocery shopping and preparing meals, planning and participating in outings in the community).

COVID-19 Relief Fund

In response to numerous inquiries from the community, Siskin Hospital has created a COVID-19 Relief Fund. Donations to this fund will be used to purchase supplies and equipment necessary for patient care and staff safety.