Speech-Language Pathologist (PRN)

Speech-Language Pathologist (PRN)

Job Description

Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation is seeking a PRN Speech-Language Pathologist. Our patients routinely meet and exceed national outcome measurements. We are looking for individuals with a flexible schedule, who desire to serve on a team dedicated to quality patient care.

We have a large department of SLPs who enjoy collaborating and working together to make sure we provide the best patient care possible across the continuum. Our PRN staff serve patients on our inpatient rehabilitation units, subacute units, and in our outpatient program (four locations in the surrounding community).

Experience in the evaluation and treatment of adult patients with dysphagia and neurogenic communication/cognitive disorders is required. Any additional experience with voice, brain injury, LSVT training, and/or laryngectomy would be a plus. Applicants must hold a current Tennessee SLP license or be eligible for a Tennessee license; not accepting CFY candidates.

PATIENT AGES SERVED (please check all that apply)

X Pediatric (0-2 years of age)
X Pediatric (2 – 12 years of age)
X Adolescent (12 – 18 years of age)
X Adult (19 – 65 years of age)
X Older Adult (over 65 years of age)


#6 Clinical – Within Work Area

Minimum Qualifications or Equivalents (education, experience, licensure, certification, and/or specific skills) *time frame for proficiency where appropriate


Master’s degree or higher in communication disorders.


Has successfully completed clinical fellowship year.


CPR Certification through American Heart Association
Certificate for Clinical Competence (CCC) from ASHA
Tennessee license in Speech-Language Pathology


Current competence in the evaluation and treatment of communication disorders and dysphagia. Good written and verbal expression skills. Must be able to quickly select and implement effective treatment strategies with a wide variety of types of patients, disabilities and age groups.


Siskin Hospital is a Smoke-Free Facility!

In order to further our mission of helping others achieve and maintain healthy lives, effective March 1, 2017, Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation will no longer hire individuals who use tobacco or nicotine products in any form. Siskin Hospital recognizes the major importance of employees’ health and the responsibility of maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all employees, volunteers, patients and visitors. Therefore, all individuals who are offered a position with Siskin Hospital are screened for illegal drug, alcohol, and/or tobacco/nicotine as part of the post-offer health screening. Individuals whose post-offer health screening results are verified positive for illegal drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco/nicotine use, and/or whose reference and/or background checks are verified unsatisfactory, will be disqualified from employment, their job offer will be withdrawn, and they may be disqualified from applying for employment for one (1) year from the date of the post-offer health screening.

The Cultural Competency and Diversity Plan of Siskin Hospital is designed to help create and maintain an environment that promotes inclusion. Overall, creating the best experience for our patients and our employees. Caring People, Changing Lives.


If you are interested in joining our family, please email your resume to Human Resources at