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Communication Skills Group

The Speech-Language Pathology Department's Communication Skills Group

Siskin Hospital offers a Communication Skills Group designed to provide ongoing support to individuals with communication impairments, such as Aphasia.

Aphasia is an acquired communication disorder that impairs a person's ability to use language. Aphasia can affect the ability to speak and understand others and can also cause difficulty with reading and writing.

Individuals with Aphasia can still benefit from support after formal speech-language therapy ends. Our Communication Skills group offers the opportunity to receive additional services for conversational skills and continued progress, even after discharge from outpatient therapy. Some recent changes from funding sources have limited the amount of outpatient treatment coverage. This makes the need for ongoing support even more important. 

The Communication Skills Group meets once per week at the Siskin Health & Fitness Center. A licensed Speech-Language Pathologist leads the sessions. Group members will be guided though engaging activities to increase confidence and success using a variety of communication strategies. The support and examples from others who have similar needs are an added benefit of this group.  Our group members not only develop communication skills, they find friendship and fun in this supportive environment. 

To participate in the Communication Skills Group, please call Betty Penley at 423.634.1579 or email At this time, each group is limited to six participants. It is not necessary to be currently enrolled in a formal therapy program to participate. The cost is $30 for four sessions (Health & Fitness Center members) and $45 for four sessions (non-members).

For more information about the Speech- Language Pathology Program at Siskin Hospital please call 423.634.1689 or email

Communication Skills Group participant Rosemarie Park is "No Longer Silenced!" 

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