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The Health & Fitness Center staff is available to answer any questions you may have about membership. Please call 423.634.1234 to schedule a tour of the facility or to speak with one of our fitness experts.

There are two options for joining or renewing your membership:

  1. A commitment to YOURSELF by joining/renewing for 12 months. Choosing this option gives you uninterrupted access to our excellent facilities. This “locks” in your current low rate for the entire term of the contract and rewards you by waving your joining fee.
  2. A month-to-month membership, with the option to cancel at any time.

Corporate Program Benefits

  • Monthly attendance reports can be provided so you know which employees are actively using the facility
  • New accounts can set up a 30-day Open Enrollment period where all employees pay $0 Enrollment if they join during that time
  • $0 Enrollment for new employees in your company offer available during first 30 days of employment
  • Family Add-On rates

Please call 423.634.1234 for details about your membership choice.


Personal Training with the Healthy YOU Program

Benefits of Personal Training at Siskin Health & Fitness Center

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle tone or improve your overall fitness level, our certified personal trainers can help you achieve your goals. All of our personal trainers are nationally certified with four-year degrees to help members achieve their health and wellness objectives. They have the expertise to create cutting-edge programs specific to each individual’s needs. Also, personal training is an effective way to take your exercise routine to the next level while providing the motivation, encouragement and accountability you may need to get there!

With help from our personal training staff, you can:

  • Improve your overall fitness: strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance, coordination, stress management and cardiovascular health
  • Reach or maintain a healthy weight: body fat reduction, weight management, body toning, and shaping
  • Learn to stick to it: extra motivation, encouragement and help overcoming fitness obstacles
  • Focus on your unique health concerns: arthritis, diabetes, low back pain, rehabilitation, pre/postnatal training
  • Find the right way to work out: correct use of equipment, the best techniques for cardiovascular, and free-weight training
  • Stop wasting time: maximum results in minimal time with a personal training program designed to use your strengths
  • Learn new skills: improve strength, flexibility and overall conditioning for tennis, skiing, golfing and more
  • Benefit from the buddy system: get individualized attention and support as you meet regularly with your trainer

Healthy YOU Program

Let us help you manage your health! At the core of our approach is an exclusive benefit called the Healthy YOU Program complimentary to all members. We help you establish personalized, progressive goals and fitness programming based on where you are now and where you see yourself in the future.  The most unique and valuable aspect of this program is your access to a support system throughout the lifetime of your membership. The path to health is a lifelong commitment, with challenges and change along the way. Our program supports you as you make progress towards your goals.

Step #1 Steps to Success and Assessing Your Needs

Work with a Certified Trainer to transform your future vision into a series of logical, progressive goals. Two common mistakes people make are working to achieve all of their health and fitness goals at once and setting goals that are too broad.  Establishing simple, progressive goals is the key to achieving success in a healthy, enjoyable, and effective way. We may also take you through a personalized fitness assessment during this step. It’s important to understand where you are now, so you know how far you have gone down the road.

Step #2 Program Orientation

Your Certified Trainer will walk you through your personalized program designed to accomplish your first goal. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced exerciser, our goal is to help you create a program that works best for your needs.

Step #3 Keeping On Track

Your Certified Trainer can be available to support you upon request by appointment to help ensure your success in achieving your goals.  Take advantage of meeting with your trainer every 6 months to assess your progress and help you establish new programming to start working towards achieving other goals.  These “touch points” are valuable in helping you transform your future vision into a reality.


Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy, including Clinical and Relaxation Massages, are available to members and non-members by a Licensed Massage Therapist. Visit the Specialty Services page to learn more about Massage Therapy.

Locker Rentals are available for $8 monthly.


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