The Siskin Health & Fitness Center

Health & Fitness Center Equipment

Health & Fitness Center Equipment

The Health & Fitness Center’s equipment can be used by anyone!

The accessible equipment with adaptable options allows for a safe workout.


For the most part, able-bodied and disabled individuals work out side-by-side, on the same equipment. Most able-bodied members would not even notice that the equipment has been specially designed or is able to adapt for a disability because it looks like standard fitness equipment. However, someone with a disability will notice features that make their workouts much easier. For example, having a built-in cane holder eliminates the need to constantly bend over to pick up a cane. Rather, the assistive device is always within arm’s reach, making it safer and more convenient.

The Siskin Health & Fitness Center has a variety of adaptive equipment.

The Health & Fitness Center features ellipticals and treadmills that have full-length arm rails, as well as step-ups to help you get on the equipment.

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill offers a unique differential air pressure technology that provides accurate, safe and comfortable partial weight-bearing for walking or running on a treadmill. And it’s the only one in Chattanooga open to the public!

The Health & Fitness Center’s workout equipment features built-in holders for water bottles, canes and other items, as well as low-weighted machine options at only 2 ½ pounds to lift. The workout equipment also features adjustable seats that move automatically with the push of a button. Additionally, equipment tie downs allow the safe positioning of wheelchairs during the workout.

The Health & Fitness Center offers several Arm Ergometers, or hand bikes, with removable seats that allow wheelchairs to be positioned in place. The boot options on the Arm Ergometers help keep feet stabilized on the pedals when in use.

Our recumbent steppers can be used in a seated position. The Health & Fitness Center also has a Quad Gym for wheelchair use, as well as a therapeutic pool that has step downs and a lift system. Mat tables are available for ease of transfer for floor exercises.

Stop by the Health & Fitness Center today and see all of the opportunities and equipment that is available to help improve your physical fitness! 

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