Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy primarily works to improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and balance through evaluations and physical interventions in order to promote mobility, functional ability, and quality of life following an injury or disease process.


Siskin Hospital was voted by the Chattanooga Times Free Press as a finalist for physical therapy in its 2021 “Best of the Best” contest.


The physical therapist will develop a comprehensive treatment plan after your evaluation, based on your goals and needs.

The personalized treatment plan may include techniques in manual therapy, functional exercises, the use of electrical modalities, therapeutic activities, neurodevelopmental techniques and pool therapy.

Physical therapists will work with you to assess the need for specialized equipment that will give you maximum mobility and independence. Physical therapists also educate and train you and your caregiver as to the safe handling of your limited mobility. They will help you understand what physical progress you might expect.

Siskin Hospital’s Physical Therapy Department staff is trained to use a variety of technologies utilized to enhance and complement traditional physical interventions.

Many of our physical therapists hold specialty certifications in Neurodevelopment Treatment Approach (NDT), Brain Injury, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Integrated Manual Therapy, Stroke Rehabilitation, LSVT Big and Lymphedema. Other certifications include Geriatric Certified Specialist, Board Certified Neurological Clinical Specialist, Exercise Expert for Aging Adults and McKenzie Certification.

For more information about physical therapy at Siskin Hospital, please call 423.634.1200 or email info@siskinrehab.org.


What Our Patients Say

"The staff was eager to help me reach my goals versus being a number. 
Siskin Hospital made returning to work as a paramedic and serving my community again a reality."
- Ericka Long

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