Industrial Rehabilitation

Industrial Rehabilitation

Siskin Hospital’s Industrial Rehabilitation Program assists employers in preventing and managing employee work-related injuries.

It’s all about Working Smart!


Our Worksite Analysis will provide the necessary information to:
  • Determine the skills an employee must have to carry out a specific job.
  • Effectively test to find the best employee “fit” for a specific job.
  • Determine the safest means of performing specific job duties.
  • Provide an accurate determination of an injured employee’s functional abilities.
  • Effectively provide rehabilitation for the injured employee.
  • Develop injury prevention programs.
  • Develop educational programs targeted for workplace safety.
  • Develop a healthier workforce.
  • Assist with OSHA and ADA compliance.


We Visit Your Worksite

Siskin Hospital staff will personally visit your worksite, allowing us to analyze and determine the safest and most effective way for your employees to perform their job duties.

Our services are unique because we see firsthand what your employee environments are like. This firsthand experience provides valuable insight that will allow us to customize our services effectively to meet your company’s exact needs.

We provide the following services: 

  • Identify essential job duties and help modify your job descriptions to accurately reflect those specific duties.
  • Create post-offer screenings that will help determine your employee’s ability to perform essential duties.
  • Administer Functional Capacity Exams to determine if an employee is ready to return to the workplace following an injury.
  • Ensure that employers are doing everything possible to make the work environment safe by using Ergonomic Assessments.
  • Develop specific and general injury prevention programs.
  • Create Employee Education Programs to help reduce the risk of injury in the workplace.


Functional Capacity Exams safely assess an individual’s physical work abilities.

Functional Capacity Exams (FCEs) are used to match employees with specific jobs they are physically capable of performing. FCEs also determine if an employee is ready to return to the workplace following an injury.

FCEs are utilized to thoroughly explore an employee’s behavioral factors in relation to their job. The FCE results provide insight into behavior, motivation, consistency of effort, and the employee’s personal pain tolerance. These results can be used to establish recommendations for the best course of action for the employee, as well as the company.

All of our Functional Capacity Exams are customized for each individual with a focus on case resolution.

Certified staff will use The Matheson System to administer our Functional Capacity Exams. “The Matheson System” carries the highest reliability and validity in the industry, and is based on the idea of contributing to the long-term success of safety programs.


We are committed to your company and your employees. If one of your employees becomes injured, we can help!

Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation provides a full range of therapy services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, behavioral medicine, and vocational rehabilitation. Our therapists are expertly trained specialists, committed to meeting goals that will allow your employee to return to work as soon as possible. The state-of-the-art therapy equipment and convenient facilities will quickly have your employees on the road to recovery.


Preparing to Return to Work

The Siskin Health & Fitness Center, located on the downtown campus, offers a Work Conditioning Program that will help your employees prepare for their return to work.

The Work Conditioning Program bridges the gap between acute therapy and returning to work. This program provides a means of gradually returning to work, by transitioning employees who are not physically ready for a full workday. The focus of the program is to meet the individual’s precise needs. Specific work-related goals are identified to improve physical and cardiovascular abilities, helping return the individual to their target job or desired work level.

All Work Conditioning Program participants are supervised by either occupational and physical therapy staff members or fitness trainers to ensure a safe, controlled environment is provided.

Learn more about the Siskin Health & Fitness Center at Siskin Hospital.


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