Driving Evaluation Program

Driving Evaluation Program

The mission of Siskin Hospital’s Driving Program is to help drivers who are facing challenges related to aging or disability safely stay on the road as long as possible.

Additionally, the program introduces alternative transportation options when they are needed. 

Who should have a driving evaluation?

Anyone whose driving ability may be affected by an injury or illness such as: 

  • Demetia/ Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Brain Injury
  • Stroke
  • Limb Amputations
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Orthopedic Conditions
  • Other Chronic Health Conditions


The Driving Evaluation Program serves in an advisory capacity to assist in safeguarding the individual’s and the public’s well-being. The Siskin Hospital Driving Program does not have authority to issue or revoke a driver’s license.

The Safe Driving Program

Siskin Hospital’s Driving Program was developed by a joint effort of Neuropsychologists, Occupational Therapists and experienced driving evaluators. The program includes:

  • An “in-clinic” evaluation that utilizes standardized measurement tools to identify driving-related strengths and weaknesses.
  • An “on-the-road” evaluation by experienced driving instructors through various types of driving conditions and vehicle maneuvers based on experienced driving patterns.
  • Evaluation and training in the use of adaptive driving devices/ techniques.
  • An evaluation summary specifying performance and recommendations.
  • Family education and support when needed.
  • Introduction to alternative means of transportation when needed.

Possible Recommendations:

  • Driving with suggested safety limitations.
  • On-the-road training sessions.
  • Use of adaptive driving devices and techniques.
  • Annual or semi-annual re-evaluation to ensure ongoing safe driving patterns.
  • Exploration of alternative means of transportation when unsafe driving patterns are demonstrated.
  • Referral to a specialist for evaluation and treatment when significant cognitive, motor, or sensory deficits that may affect driving and other activities of daily living are identified.

Admission Guidelines 

If you have a major medical event or a chronic medical condition that is causing a decline in your ability to drive safely, ask your doctor if you would benefit from Siskin Hospital’s Driving Program. A physician’s referral is required to participate in the Driving Program. Referrals may be faxed to 423.634.4578.

For additional information about the Driving Program, please call 423.634.1400 or email driving@siskinrehab.org.

Drive Safe Cognition Assessment

Who would benefit from a Cognitive Assessment?

Individuals who: 

  • Have become lost or confused while driving.
  • Have been involved in multiple accidents or fender benders.
  • Have been diagnosed with a neurological condition, including: dementia, prior stroke, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and others.
  • Have difficulty passing a formal driving evaluation

The Assessment

A Clinical Neuropsychologist will comprehensively assess cognitive abilities including: 

  • Memory
  • Executive Functions
  • Language
  • Visual Motor and Spatial Abilities
  • Attention/ Concentration
  • Processing Speed
  • Mood

Assessment Review

Following the assessment, individuals and families will meet with the clinical neuropsychologist to review assessment findings and treatment recommendations.

Frequently, follow-up appointments involve the development of strategies to compensate for deficits. When required, assistance can be provided that will help with adjusting an individual’s lifestyle in order to maximize quality of life and minimize safety risks.

The Referral Guidelines 

A referral for the assessment requires an order from your physician stating “Driving Evaluation.” Referrals may be faxed to 423.634.4578. For additional information about the assessment, please call 423.634.1400, or email driving@siskinrehab.org


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