Within minutes, a stroke can change your life. The Inpatient Stroke Program at Siskin Hospital is specifically designed to prepare you to function safely at home and in the community, so you can most fully participate in life.

Siskin Hospital’s Stroke Program, specialty-certified by both CIHQ and CARF, features:

  • A dedicated Stroke Unit with spacious, private rooms and bathrooms
  • An experienced team with special training in Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Close medical oversight by physiatrists specializing in rehabilitation of stroke
  • Personalized therapy sessions designed to the patient’s level of tolerance and to address individual goals
  • The latest in equipment and treatment modalities for Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Extensive education, training, and resources for patients and caregivers to help you understand and manage impairments and complications from the stroke, reduce the risk of having another stroke, and decrease environmental barriers
  • Services to assist with psychological and coping needs, including access to individual counseling, peer counselors, and support groups
  • Services to help you continue your recovery after returning home:

Because a stroke can affect the normal functioning of muscles, therapists provide intervention to prevent further muscle damage. Therapists move the body in ways that provide therapeutic benefits, working to restore posture, muscle function, coordination, and balance.

Every clinician integrates a number of techniques into therapy to improve thinking, reasoning, memory, communication, understanding and problem-solving. Speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and psychologists are most involved in this process.


Opportunity to Participate in a New Research Study

If you're experiencing communication difficulties
following a stroke, you may be eligible to participate
in a new research study conducted by a speech-language
pathologist at Siskin Hospital. Participants' stroke
episodes must have been six or more months ago.
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Learn more about stroke recovery through the story of one of our patients:


Stroke Recovery After-Care Program

It’s important that you receive proper care after returning home from the hospital. After-care helps maximize your recovery, with the goal of enabling you to live life to the fullest extent possible. While it is very important to continue medical supervision under a primary care physician, it is also very beneficial to receive proper care for other unique issues that may result from a stroke. The medical professionals in Siskin Hospital’s Stroke Recovery After-Care Program have specialized knowledge and can help you manage the challenges arising from a stroke.

Siskin Hospital’s medical staff, neuropsychologists and case managers will help ensure you receive proper stroke-related treatments. You and your family will learn how best to maximize your recovery, not only through medical treatment options but also with the emotional and social elements of care.

Your first visit to this special program should occur about six weeks after your discharge from Siskin Hospital. Your case manager will arrange to schedule this initial visit prior to discharge. During the initial visit, a wide variety of topics will be evaluated or discussed to better serve your needs.

Topics may include:

  • Recovery of muscle function
  • Management of abnormal muscle tone
  • Bracing or splinting needs/adjustments
  • Shoulder or arm problems
  • Management of continued pain
  • Medication needs/changes
  • Cognitive functioning
  • Depression/Adjustment issues
  • Nutrition and swallowing
  • Vision problems
  • Driving status
  • Home and work issues
  • Equipment needs
  • Follow-up therapy/ Fitness Center
  • Education and community resources
  • Referral to other specialists


Stroke Support Group

A stroke support group meets monthly at Siskin Hospital to improve the quality of life and independence of those affected by stroke through education and support from peers. You’ll learn from various professionals, community resources and client success stories that will enhance community participation, inspire new perspectives and promote having fun. Friends and family members are encouraged to attend. Learn more

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Siskin Hospital stroke patients discharged home (National average: 71.63%)


Stroke patients discharged to hospital (National average: 10.69%)


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