Special Equipment

Special Equipment

At Siskin Hospital, we feel there is no greater form of therapy than the human touch. However, we recognize the use of state-of-the-art equipment can help enhance our hands-on approach, ultimately improving outcomes for many of our patients.


Siskin Hospital’s Specialized Equipment includes:

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill












The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill
offers a revolutionary approach to athletic training and rehabilitation. From achieving athletic goals through conditioning, to recovering from an injury or surgery, the AlterG provides benefits as no other treadmill can.

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill helps to maximize your fitness and rehab outcomes by defying gravity, allowing you to regain and develop function like never before. AlterG’s patented NASA technology offers a unique differential air pressure that allows for precise partial weight bearing, providing an accurate, safe and comfortable exercise experience.











An innovative “tilt table” with integrated robotic-assisted stepping functions, Erigo allows patients who are unable to walk stand up and engage in intensive movement and weight-bearing therapy.













The Lokomat is an exo-skeletal robotic orthosis that attaches to a person’s legs and assists patients in achieving improved gait patterns while walking on a treadmill.


Armeo Robot








The Armeo Robot supports the arm and connects to computer-simulated equipment. The user then progresses through a virtual reality environment to master a variety of tasks.

Bioness Upper Extremity Orthosis

The H200 Hand Rehabilitation System supports the wrist while electrically stimulating the nerves and muscles of the forearm and hand. This combination helps patients to regain hand function and to utilize that arm during everyday activities.

Saebo Technology for Functional Arm Training

Saebo’s spring loaded mechanical devices support or stretch weakened parts of the hand and/or wrist. When properly applied, they allow patients with very little arm or hand function to immediately begin performing highly repetitive grasp and release activities.

Balance & Dizziness
Biodex Balance SD









Biodex Balance SD is used to improve strength, range of motion, gait and balance for patients suffering from neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Stroke or Peripheral Neuropathy.

Frenzel Glasses

The Frenzel Glasses allow for close examination of the eyes during movement to assist in the assessment and treatment of certain balance and dizziness problems.

Dynavision Light Training Board









The Dynavision D2™ Light Training Board is used to evaluate and treat people with visual field loss (or visual loss) to help improve their ability to perform daily activities and move around various environments safely. It’s the same technology used by athletes and military personnel to increase automatic response time, sharpen periphery and improve the accuracy of eye-hand coordination.


Video Fluoroscopy for Swallowing Disorders








Video Fluoroscopy enables a comprehensive evaluation of swallowing disorders. We are the only rehabilitation facility in the area to offer this revolutionary technique on-site, so you do not have to leave our facility to have the test, which your therapist will actually perform.

VitalStim Therapy












Siskin Hospital was the first in the area to offer this comprehensive approach to the treatment of swallowing disorders, which involves the application of electrical stimulation therapy during a patient’s swallowing treatment.


Additional Equipment
FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) Bike








FES cycling is a neuro-active therapy for both upper and lower extremities – working on restoring strength, flexibility, and motor control. The cycle helps reverse muscle disuse atrophy, alleviates secondary complaints associated with a sedentary lifestyle and improves overall quality of life.

BITS (Bioness Integrated Therapy Systems)








The BITS utilizes interactive touchscreen technology to help patients with visual field loss, visual spatial neglect and problems with visual-vestibular integration. The BITS improves visual skills, eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time and auditory sequencing and memory. Read more about the BITS technology in HealthScope

Cardiac Monitoring

This state-of-the-art cardiac telemetry equipment allows the patients to have peace of mind as they progress through their rehabilitation. Patients can be monitored while resting in their rooms and while participating in therapy. The portable transmitter will provide continuous monitoring of the patient’s heart rate and rhythm; allowing for early recognition and treatment of any problems that may arise.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Siskin Hospital utilizes Nova Blood Glucose meters for accurate monitoring of blood glucose levels. The Nova system allows for laboratory quality accuracy and only requires a small sample from the patient.

Computerized Medication Dispensing System

This highly efficient system for dispensing patient medication greatly increases patient safety while minimizing the chance for medication errors.

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