In recent years, more visits to physicians were made for musculoskeletal conditions, injuries to bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, than for any other reason. Orthopedic injuries most commonly affect the neck, shoulder, arm, hand, spine, hip, knee, foot, and leg. The injuries can range from fractures, to dislocations, to nerve damage, and may be caused by falls, sudden injury, or age.

Patients benefiting most from Siskin Hospital’s Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services Program are those who have experienced hip, spinal, shoulder, or pelvic fractures or injuries, spinal surgery, multiple fractures or injuries, and those who have had elective hip or knee replacement surgery.

Your treatment team will show you how to properly care for the skin of the surgery site. They’ll also focus on improving your range of motion, strengthening the surrounding muscles to improve stability, flexibility, and movement, as well as addressing mobility and lifestyle issues affected by the injury or surgery. You’ll be educated to compensate for your injury and how your home environment may be improved for maximum independence.


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