Certified Brain Injury

Certified Brain Injury

Siskin Hospital’s Certified Brain Injury Specialists are specially-trained to help those with stroke, traumatic brain injury and other neurological diagnoses to regain cognitive function.

Our CBIS staff receive their certifications from the Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS). Its mission is to improve the quality of care given to individuals with brain injury through the education and training of those who work in brain injury services.

To that end, ACBIS offers a voluntary national certification program that establishes best practices for the training of individuals working with this population. Because of the wide variety of unique skills and knowledge required of those who treat persons with brain injury, certification is designed to address specific training issues in brain injury services and to complement other existing credentials.

The ACBIS certification program is based on the belief that well-trained staff is necessary to provide the wide array of care required in brain injury services. It is a first step towards creating a recognized career path specific to brain injury. The ACBIS program provides recognition of training in brain injury services, not verification that an individual is suitable for employment. Certification is not restricted to any one profession or discipline. It is intended for anyone who delivers services specific to brain injury. Since brain injury rehabilitation and services continue to grow and evolve, the ACBIS program is reviewed and updated regularly.

Source: Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists

To learn more, visit the ACBIS website.

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Brain Injury Program

Siskin Hospital's Brain Injury Program is specialty-certified by CARF.