Brain Injury

Brain Injury

At Siskin Hospital, we understand the uncertainty and fear caused by a traumatic event. By setting realistic goals and employing state-of-the-art rehabilitation interventions and technologies, we create an environment where hope thrives and new doors of possibility are opened.

Siskin Hospital’s Brain Injury Program, specialty-certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, features:

  • A secured unit of the hospital with secure and private access
  • Low beds for accessibility to minimize risk of fall or injury
  • Safety monitoring system
  • Closed circuit video monitoring in each room and throughout the unit, ensuring
    patient safety
  • Physiatrist board-certified in Brain Injury Medicine
  • Skilled nursing staff specially trained for care of brain injury patients
  • Certified Brain Injury Specialists
  • Board-certified and board-eligible neuropsychologist
  • Comprehensive collaborative care between nursing and therapy staff
  • Large private rooms with open floor plans
  • Table and chairs in each room
  • Small sofa or reclining chair for family overnight stay
  • TVs mounted higher for easy viewing
  • Dedicated multi-sensory therapy room designed to engage or relax through interactive sensory experiences

Because the brain is the body’s central control center, brain injuries and the subsequent recovery can be complicated. Our program is designed to address every critical component from preparation to continued treatment in our Outpatient Therapy Services or Community Re-Entry Programs.

You will be evaluated by an experienced Brain Injury Treatment Team that is specially trained in brain injury rehabilitation. Close medical oversight will be provided by a board- certified physiatrist who has extensive experience in brain injury rehabilitation.

Together with your family, Siskin Hospital’s professionals will work with you to achieve the best outcome possible.

Intensive one-on-one therapy sessions scheduled according to your level of tolerance will be designed to meet your goals.

Learn more about the Certified Brain Injury Specialists at Siskin Hospital.

You will initially focus on relearning daily living skills. The individualized treatment plan is adjusted according to your lifestyle and personal goals. Daily living goals may include nutrition, dressing and personal care, mobility, communication, problem solving, vision, perception, leisure activities, and returning to work or school.

Because brain injury can affect normal functioning of muscles, therapists provide intervention to prevent further muscle damage. Therapists move the patient’s body in ways that provide therapeutic benefits working to restore posture, muscle function, coordination, and balance.

Brain injury patients can benefit from specialized technology to help them recovery function, such as the Lokomat, FES cycle, and Neurocom.

Additionally, close psychological and neuropsychological management may include neuropsychological testing, cognitive retraining, adjustment counseling, and family counseling. Learn more about Psychological Services.

An essential member of the treatment team is your family. Extensive education, training and resources for you and your caregivers will help you to understand and manage the conditions related to brain injury, decrease environmental barriers, and promote self- advocacy. Family members are encouraged to collaborate with your treatment team to provide information about your personality, lifestyle and hopes.


Chattanooga Area Brain Injury Association Support Groups

Brain injury support groups meet monthly in Chattanooga, Cleveland and North Georgia. The groups are dedicated to providing the highest quality services in order to prevent and increase the awareness of brain injuries and to achieve optimal outcomes for brain injury survivors. They are committed to advocating on behalf of brain injury survivors and their family members in order to help them achieve the highest quality of life. Learn more


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