The Amputee Team at Siskin Hospital specializes in helping people who’ve had surgeries like yours get back to enjoying an independent life.

The Amputee Program can benefit amputees who have decreased mobility and increased challenge in performing simple daily activities.

Following an amputation, you may experience weakness, change in the center of gravity, phantom pain and emotional adjustment to the loss of your limb. We’ll help you navigate all those issues in an optimistic and supportive environment.

As an inpatient, you’ll get about three hours a day of therapy five to six days a week. Your care team will develop a personalized care plan based on your needs and goals. We’ll teach you how properly care for yourself and help you learn new ways to perform your daily activities.

We’ll also prepare you for a prosthetic, if you and your team decide it can help you better meet your goals. We’ll teach you how to use and care for it and the limb it supports. You’ll get opportunities to practice self-care and household tasks in a simulated home environment, such as loading the dishwasher and making the bed.

Siskin Hospital’s convenient in-house prosthetic vendor makes it easy to learn more about the prosthetic devices available to you and be custom-fitted for one.

Your care team will evaluate your mobility and make recommendations to improve independence. Your will receive intensive physical and occupational therapy to adjust to your new center of gravity, prosthesis, and to improve your strength and flexibility. Your nurses will develop a skin care management program to maintain skin integrity of the limb and to educate you about the importance of nutrition, skin checks and prosthetic management.

Before returning to community living, you may participate in planned outings to learn the use of your adaptive equipment or prosthesis, and to plan ways to deal with the barriers and obstacles you may encounter.

When you return home, you may benefit from outpatient therapy where you’ll continue building on the strengths and progress you achieved as an inpatient.

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