Center for NeuroRecovery

Neurological Diagnostic Technologies

Neurological Diagnostic Technologies

The Center for NeuroRecovery’s new technology allows therapists to identify and measure impairments that in the past were difficult to measure.


With the Frenzel goggles, physical therapists can watch minute involuntary movements of the eyes, giving them vital clues that will be used to establish an effective treatment plan.












Occupational therapists can determine the exact response time for specific types of visual stimuli using the Bioness Integrated Therapy Services (BITS) and Dynavision2.









Physical therapists can use the Neurocom to determine if the cause of imballance is the visual, vestibular or proprioceptive system.










Other diagnostic technologies include:

  • Digital Swallowing for radiological evaluation of swallowing function
  • Audiometers for hearing screening
  • Oralmotor biofeedback device for therapy and to measure pressures/strength
  • LSVT Loud and/or Sound Pressure Meter to provide data and feedback for decibel level for LSVT Loud
  • Biodex Balance System
  • Pressure Mapping
  • Dynavision
  • Biorad (bowl perimeter)
  • DriveABLE
  • ImPACT Concussion sympton assessmenta nd baseline testing

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