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COVID-19 Update

For the protection of our patients, our visiting hours are temporarily changed.


Inpatient Rehabilitation

Recognizing the emotional and social benefit of having visitors, Siskin Hospital is expanding family visitation effective November 10, with the following stipulations:

  • Only one visitor will be allowed per day.
  • Visitors are required to screen for COVID-19 symptoms at entry.
  • Visitors are required to wear hospital-supplied masks for the duration of their visit, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Visitation is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • The patient may still have a caregiver if approved by the therapy team.  The caregiver still requires final approval by the VP of Quality and Compliance / Infection Control.
  • Caregivers are required to have a POC antigen COVID-19 test, provided by the hospital, to maintain their caregiver status. Testing will be conducted two days per week.
  • If more than one person is involved in family training, they are still required to meet in the gym area.  They are not allowed to go to the patient’s room.
  • Caregivers are required to have a POC antigen COVID-19 test, provided by the hospital, to maintain their caregiver status. Testing will be conducted two days per week.

Email your loved one! Family and friends are welcome to email and we will gladly get the message to them. Just mention the patient’s name on the subject line.

More information on SubAcute, Outpatient, and Fitness Center hours


The general information below will help you plan for your inpatient rehabilitation care. Let us know your questions or concerns, and we’ll be happy to answer them!

A Typical Day

Therapists and/or nursing staff will help you with daily living skills such as bathing,
grooming and getting dressed. You will be served breakfast (staff will assist and train
you if you’re having difficulty swallowing or feeding yourself). You’ll be encouraged to do
as much for yourself as possible, as this will help the recovery process.

The therapies ordered by your physiatrist will take place mid-morning and mid-

Evenings are typically spent with family and visitors or in other leisure activities.

Family & Friends

At Siskin Hospital, we believe that family participation and education are essential to
your positive rehabilitation outcome.

Your family or caregivers may be asked to attend therapy for training and education
purposes. These sessions are an opportunity for them to learn and practice the skills
that will be required to safely assist you once you leave the hospital. We encourage an
open discussion of thoughts and concerns that relate to your pending discharge.

Pet dogs are encouraged to visit patients in the lobby or leisure park during non-therapy hours.
If pet visits are desired in a patient’s room, the physician must write an order and additional
requirements must be met prior to and during the visit. Please note that only dogs older than
one year are permitted and must be leashed or in a carrier during the visit.


In most cases, you’ll receive a menu from which to select your food, and meals are
delivered to your room three times a day. Every effort is made to allow for your food
preferences and religious restrictions and to comply with your medical and texture
requirements. If you are experiencing swallowing difficulties, your family and friends
should not bring you food without prior approval from a Siskin Hospital physician.

The Public Dining Room is located on the first floor across from the Main Lobby and is
open Monday-Friday.

Breakfast                7:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Lunch                     11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Dinner                     4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Guest trays are available for a nominal fee and will be delivered to the room with patient
trays. Also, vending machines and a microwave are located in the Public Dining Room.
Credit cards are accepted.

Therapy Sessions

Your therapy sessions may occur in the treatment gyms, in your room or in various
locations throughout the hospital – whatever is best for your rehabilitation. Most patients
have therapy five to seven days a week, including holidays. Two main therapy sessions
are scheduled: mid-morning followed by a break for lunch, then again in the afternoon.
You’ll have a total of three hours of therapy throughout the day. Both the amount and
intensity of your therapy depends on your individual circumstances.

What to Bring


  • Medical Insurance Cards and/or Medicare Card
  • Any Special Insurance Forms
  • Copy of your Living Will, if available
  • Copy of your Durable Power of Attorney, if available
  • Legal Guardian Document, if available
  • List of medications you are currently taking, if you are being admitted from home
  • Portable Health Profile, if available


  • Comfortable, loose-fitting elastic waist pants or shorts and modest, loose-fitting
  • Comfortable, flat shoes that have a non-skid sole. Open heels or open toe shoes
    are discouraged.
  • Underwear, socks, pajamas
  • Sweater or Jacket

We recommend that you bring enough clothes for at least seven days. No laundry
facilities are available at Siskin Hospital, but families may use the laundry services in
the Ronald McDonald Room in Erlanger, located just across the bridge to the left.

Personal Care Items such as shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash

Assistive Devices such as dentures, shaving supplies, comb/brush, deodorant,
glasses/contacts, sanitary supplies, hearing aid/batteries, and any medical equipment
you are using: braces, canes, splints, special shoes, etc.

The Following Items Are NOT Permitted:

  • Prescription or over-the-counter medications, as well as herbal supplements. Our
    in-house pharmacy will supply your medications while you are here to ensure all
    medications work well together without negative interactions.
  • Money in excess of $10.00
  • Televisions, stereos, coffee pots, heating pads, and other electrical devices
  • We also strongly discourage you from bringing jewelry or other valuables.
    Although we attempt to ensure the safety of your personal possessions, it is best
    to leave valuables at home.
The Leisure Park at Siskin Hospital

Located adjacent to the Outpatient Pavilion, the Leisure Park at Siskin Hospital is a
peaceful, open-air space available to our patients and their guests. You are welcome to
enjoy outdoor time once this has been cleared with your nurse. You may use the picnic
tables, benches, gazebo, walking/rolling track, and basketball goal. Family pets are also
welcome to visit you while in the Leisure Park.

Tobacco-Free Environment

Siskin Hospital is a tobacco-free facility. No smoking or use of tobacco products is
allowed inside the building or on the campus.


For patient rooms on 2 East, 2 West, and 3 West:

Friends and family may reach your bedside phone by dialing 423.713.0+your room number, or they may call the hospital operator at 423.634.1200. Your may also use your cell phone when you are not in therapy or receiving medical treatment.

For all other patient rooms:

Friends and family may reach your bedside phone by dialing 423.634.1+your room
number, or they may call the hospital operator at 423.634.1200. You may also use your
cell phone when you are not in therapy or receiving medical treatment.

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is available for use with your personal computer. Please ask the
nursing staff for more information.

Flowers and Mail Services

Flowers and mail sent to Siskin Hospital will be delivered to your room.

Siskin Hospital’s Mailing Address

Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation
Patient Name, Patient Room Number
One Siskin Plaza
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403

Worship Services

A non-denominational worship service is held each Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m.
Nursing staff can provide you with service location information. Learn more about
Siskin Hospital’s Pastoral Care services.

Preparing You to Leave

On admission, you will be assigned a case manager upon who will help prepare you to
go home when you are discharged from Siskin Hospital. At least once a week, the staff
working with you will have a team meeting to discuss your progress and plan for your
discharge. Your case manager will meet with you frequently during your stay to keep
you informed about your discharge plans and can make arrangements for your follow-
up appointments, as well as any equipment you will need.

Your length of stay is based on a number of factors, such as your medical and
functional status, your discharge environment / available caregivers and your insurance

Learn more about Insurance and Payment Information.

Coming from Out of Town?

Chattanooga, called the Scenic City for its proximity to the Tennessee River and the
surrounding Appalachian mountains, is located in southeast Tennessee and is the state’s
fourth-largest city. Patients come to Siskin Hospital from a wide geographical area and
family may wish to stay nearby. Your treatment team can provide your family with
information about staying in Chattanooga. The Chattanooga
Area Convention & Visitors Bureau also has a wealth of information on local restaurants,
parks, shopping and cultural activities, most of which are conveniently located near the

You can find out more from:

The Chattanooga area Chamber of Commerce
Outdoor Chattanooga
The City of Chattanooga


What Our Patients Say

"The staff asked my goals and did everything possible to help me achieve them. The facility and
staff are top notch. They always helped me to push a little further." - Jeffrey Knowles

"The nurses and CNAs and all staff have given me the best care I have EVER received." 
- Cory Cleveland

"I never saw a hospital get it so together. Always encouraging me when I was so down. 
Never a negative comment. Always telling me 'there's no bad side, just a weak one.' 
I grew to love and miss everyone." - Kathy Smith

"Losing my husband and then my leg was overwhelming, but everybody here showed me 
support. Because of Siskin Hospital, I can now face life with enthusiasm and hope. 
There is joy after loss." - Rita Sharp