Patients & Visitors

Consider Siskin Hospital your one-stop rehabilitation resource for acute, sub-acute and outpatient treatment.

We’re available to you for a short course of treatment or a lifetime of care.

Here are some of the services we offer:


Inpatient Rehabilitation at Siskin Hospital couples intensive therapy with high levels of medical and nursing care in order to help patients maximize recovery of independence in daily functioning.

Siskin Hospital’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Program provides 24-hour medical and nursing management and uses a comprehensive, transdisciplinary approach to establish long- and short-term goals specific to each patient and diagnosis.


Our SubAcute Rehabilitation Program at Siskin Hospital West specializes in short-term rehabilitation at the skilled and SubAcute level, with a commitment to returning our patients to the community at their highest possible level of function and independence.

The SubAcute Program is a unique program designed to provide patients with an interdisciplinary therapy program that is less intensive than traditional comprehensive inpatient treatment.


Outpatient Rehabilitation programs at Siskin Hospital have the same holistic, interdisciplinary approach to care as our Inpatient programs. In addition to providing physical, occupational and speech therapy, we offer a variety of specialized services available at three different locations.

Center for NeuroRecovery

Whether a patient is admitted as a Siskin Hospital inpatient or outpatient, the Center for NeuroRecovery Program serves as the “hub” for those with neurological impairments throughout the continuum of a treatment plan.

The Siskin Health & Fitness Center

At Siskin Hospital, we know that physical fitness is for EveryBODY. That’s why the Health & Fitness Center welcomes and accommodates people of every fitness and ability level.

We’re conveniently located on Siskin Hospital’s main campus in downtown Chattanooga and open to the public for use. The focus of the Siskin Health & Fitness Center is to provide an accessible environment where disabled people can exercise alongside the able-bodied. Membership in the Health & Fitness Center is open to disabled and able-bodied people, whether former patients or not.