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Wheelchair Seating & Positioning

Siskin Hospital's Wheelchair Seating and Positioning Clinic

Siskin Hospital offers a Wheelchair Seating and Positioning Clinic to help provide comfortable and stable positioning options for individuals who rely on wheelchairs.

Finding the appropriate model and tailoring it to fit the individual is a vital component to ensuring comfort and health, as well as enabling independence and productivity. 

For patients who are participating in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Program, all wheelchairs and equipment will be provided during their stay at Siskin Hospital. An advanced sterilizing system ensures all wheelchairs and equipment are clean and ready for patient use.

Siskin Hospital's staff, including physical and occupational therapists, are specially trained to provide evaluations that will determine a person's specific needs. Therapists will analyze physical abilities, as well as take lifestyle and environmental factors into consideration.  Based on results from the evaluation, staff members will recommend a customized wheelchair seating system. The seating system may include a variety of tailored items, including headrests, backrests, supportive cushions, as well as arm, leg, and trunk supports. 

The customized wheelchair seating system will promote proper positioning. Benefits from proper positioning include:

  • good posture
  • minimized pain
  • maximized function
  • enhanced digestion
  • enhanced breathing and respiratory function
  • prevention of pressure sores and other skin irritations
  • a slowing of further loss of mobility
Siskin Hospital's staff will work to ensure individuals and their family members are comfortable with the equipment and can make recommendations for the best mobility device available.
Being able to comfortably navigate at home or in the community is an extremely important aspect of being as independent as possible.

Staff members will provide information on a variety of manual and power wheelchairs and scooters, and can provide training and recommendations of equipment. Safety training for wheelchair use and transfer techniques is also available. 

For more information, please call 423.634.1200 or email