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Pet Therapy

Siskin Hospital's Pet Therapy Program

At Siskin Hospital, we believe healing the spirit is essential to healing the body and the mind.

As part of this holistic approach to care, we offer unique programs and therapies dedicated to addressing the spiritual and emotional needs of patients facing life-altering challenge and change.

Siskin Hospital utilizes Pet Therapy as another method to connect with patients. Pet Therapy is a unique program that allows therapists to focus on meeting specific therapy goals, in a loving and nurturing manner.

The Pet Therapy Program uses carefully screened dogs and cats as an integral part of Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapies to address treatment goals including improving range of motion, strength and endurance, balance, mobility, and sensation. In addition to the physical benefits of pet therapy, patients form a connection with the animal, reducing stress and building self-esteem through the animals' unconditional acceptance.

This program relies on volunteers from the community. Volunteers interested in Pet Therapy should attend one of the Pet Therapy Screenings, which are held twice a year. Each animal is screened specifically for appropriate behavior, grooming, and health by a licensed veterinarian. 

For more information on Pet Therapy, please email