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Pain Rehabilitation

The Pain Rehabilitation Program at Siskin Hospital 

The Pain Rehabilitation Program reduces pain intensity and the misuse of medication, maximizes and maintains the patient's physical activity, increases the ability to manage pain, and returns the patient to productivity at home and work.

The Outpatient Pain Management Clinic at Siskin Hospital is designed to supplement the services offered by physicians, or to provide individuals services as needed for patient care. Learn more about Outpatient Therapy Services.

Pain Medication Management addresses the side effects and dependency issues often associated with chronic pain medications.

Behavioral and Psychological Therapies cope with emotional and physical distress through relaxation training, stress and anger management, behavioral antidepressant therapy, biofeedback therapy, activity pacing, and individual, family and group therapies. Psychological evaluations and treatment, as well as Pre-Implant Psychological evaluations are available. Learn more about the Psychology Department's services.

Physical and Occupational Therapies improve posture, strength and gait using a variety of therapies including aquatic, passive, exercise, ultrasound, hot and cold packs and mechanical and electrical stimulation devices.

Vocational and Disability Management evaluates physical impairment and functional capacity. Learn more about Vocational Services.

Additionally, the Functional Restoration Program provides daily structured pain management treatment. Learn more about the Functional Restoration Program.

For more information about Siskin Hospital's Pain Rehabilitation Program, please call 423.634.1400 or fax referrals to 423.634.4578.