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SubAcute Rehabilitation

The SubAcute Rehabilitation Program offers personalized skilled nursing care in Tennessee's largest acute rehabilitation hospital.  

Siskin Hospital's SubAcute program is recognized by Medicare as a five-star provider.

Our SubAcute Rehabilitation Program at Siskin Hospital West specializes in short-term rehabilitation at the skilled and SubAcute level, with a commitment to returning our patients to the community at their highest possible level of function and independence.

The SubAcute Program is a unique program designed to provide patients with an interdisciplinary therapy program that is less intensive than traditional comprehensive inpatient treatment.

Providing exceptional nursing and therapy care is our top priority. As a higher-functioning skilled nursing unit, patients get the rehabilitation care needed to return to an active lifestyle. Siskin Hospital's SubAcute Unit provides an outstanding level of attention to patient needs.

Commonly, patients who are the most appropriate for the SubAcute Rehabilitation Program have conditions related to:
  • Orthopedic surgery, including joint replacement surgery
  • General deconditioning
  • Mild stroke and neurological disorders
  • Elective spine surgery

Patients in the SubAcute Rehabilitation Program will be evaluated by a treatment team operating under the leadership of a physiatrist. Each patient is treated holistically by therapists trained to address specific components of rehabilitation. Together with the family, professionals in the fields of speech-language pathology, rehabilitation nursing, as well as physical and occupational therapies, work with the patient toward achieving their best outcomes.

In addition, patients have access to other areas of expertise within the hospital, including clinical nutrition services, psychological counseling, and case management services. Dr. David Bowers serves as the Medical Director for Siskin Hospital and the SubAcute Rehabilitation treatment team. Learn more about Siskin Hospital's Medical Treatment Team.

The SubAcute Rehabilitation Program is goal oriented, with the expected outcome of returning patients to their homes and families. 

The goals of the program are person-centered and are aimed at restoring, enhancing, and supporting the patient's maximum level of independence. The expected outcome for the SubAcute patient is a return to home and a productive, full life. We accomplish this by providing an individualized rehabilitation plan for each patient, keeping in mind unique needs and functional goals.

For patients who are weakend and recovering from an extended hospitalization, the program builds endurance and prepares them for comprehensive rehabilitation services. 


A SubAcute patient's average therapy day would likely consist of two or three hours of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and/or speech-language pathology instead of the four to six hours a day typical of comprehensive rehabilitation programs such as Siskin Hospital typically provides. Siskin Hospital SubAcute patients have rooms in Siskin Hospital's West location - with its own therapy gym.

Your private room awaits you in the SubAcute Unit! 

Siskin Hospital’s SubAcute Rehabilitation Program is located on two dedicated floors of the facility with a private therapy gym area. Patients in this program also have access to extensively equipped therapy areas within the hospital.

Additionally, ALL of the SubAcute Unit rooms are spacious private rooms and include a private bath. Each room features a refrigerator. 

Siskin Hospital’s SubAcute Rehabilitation Program is effective, cost-efficient physical rehabilitation. It is ideal for individuals who could benefit from moderate levels of therapy and who have a goal of returning home to lead productive lives.

Our Subacute Mission:

Siskin Hospital’s SubAcute Program is committed to providing a specialized rehabilitation program with a wide range of patient-centered, high-quality services aimed at restoring, enhancing and attaining the maximal level of independence. We will nurture and advance a culture of caring, commitment and pride, exceeding the expectations of those we serve and those who serve.

To learn more about Siskin Hospital's SubAcute Rehabilitation Program, please call 423.634.1200 or email

Visit the Admissions page for more information about becoming a patient at Siskin Hospital.