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Orthopedic Services

Siskin Hospital's Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services Program

In recent years, more visits to physicians were made for musculoskeletal conditions, injuries to bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, than for any other reason. Orthopedic injuries most commonly affect the neck, shoulder, arm, hand, spine, hip, knee, foot, and leg. The injuries can range from fractures, to dislocations, to nerve damage, and may be caused by falls, sudden injury, or age.

Patients benefiting most from Siskin Hospital's Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services Program are those who have experienced hip, spinal, shoulder, or pelvic fractures or injuries, spinal surgery, multiple fractures or injuries, and those who have had elective hip or knee replacement surgery.

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Treatment Team

Each patient is evaluated by a transdisciplinary team operating under the leadership of a physiatrist. Together with the family, this team includes professionals in the fields of rehabilitation nursing; speech-language pathology; dietitian; psychology; vocational counseling; case management; and physical and occupational therapists, all working with the patient to achieve the best outcome possible.

One of the most important members of the treatment team is the family. The family is provided with training, professional support, education and counseling and works with the patient's treatment team to provide information about the patient's personality, lifestyle, and hopes.

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Orthopedic services at Siskin Hospital work to improve the patient's mobility, range of motion, strength, stability, and flexibility at the location of the injury. Patients are taught how to compensate for their injury and how to improve their home environment for maximum independence and functionality.

The goals of the program are specific to each patient and injury, but overall are aimed at restoring, enhancing, and supporting the patient's maximum level of independence. Through Inpatient, Outpatient, SubAcute, and Vocational Rehabilitation Programs, Siskin Hospital offers comprehensive rehabilitation at every level of treatment, from initial therapy to returning the patient to the community, school, or work.

Components of Care

Primary areas of concern for orthopedic injuries include proper skin care for the surgery site, improving the patient's range of motion, strengthening the surrounding muscles to improve stability, flexibility, and movement, as well as addressing mobility and lifestyle issues affected by the injury or surgery. Patients are educated to compensate for their injury and how their home environment may be improved for maximum independence.

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