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Department of Behavioral Medicine

Siskin Hospital’s Department of Behavioral Medicine seeks to provide unparalleled behavioral care to individuals living with diverse neurologic, physical and psychological disorders across the lifespan. It is our belief that each patient has a unique constellation of psychological, psychosocial and behavioral factors that influence the onset, progression and management of their condition.

Our team of neuropsychologists and rehabilitation psychologists believe that intervention and management must be individually-tailored in order for individuals to attain their highest level of cognitive, emotional and functional independence. Our team will collaborate with your medical providers to ensure continuity of care. Moreover, we are happy to work with employers, schools, and families to engage these individuals and entities in providing the needed support and accommodations.

Services provided by Siskin Hospital’s Department of Psychology:

  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Counseling related to coping with chronic health conditions
  • Behavioral Management of Chronic Pain
  • Memory Care
  • Stroke Aftercare
  • Pediatric Assessment and Intervention
  • Sports Concussion Management

Behavioral Medicine Clinicians

Rebecca Cicha, Ph.D.
Gina DelGardo, Ph.D.

Anita Trowbridge, Psy.D.
Christopher Young, Ph.D.
Heather England, Ph.D.
Charles Schmittdiel, Ph.D.
Thomas McLaren, Ph.D.

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Department of Psychology’s Contact and Referral Information

Siskin Hospital's Department of Behavioral Medicine
Phone: 423.634.1500


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