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Caring for you through your entire recovery: Siskin Hospital's full continuum of care is unlike any other in the Chattanooga area! 

Our continuum of services, designed to fit individual needs and provide continuity of care, is available at Siskin Hospital with Inpatient, SubAcute, Outpatient, and Vocational Rehabilitation, as well as an accessible Fitness Center.

Providing seamless care through all levels of recovery is another reason Siskin Hospital stands out as an exceptional rehabilitation provider. 

To learn more about Siskin Hospital's levels of care, please click the links below: 

- Inpatient Rehabilitation
- SubAcute Rehabilitation
- Outpatient Rehabilitation
- The Fitness Center at Siskin Hospital

An in-depth search option, as well as a list of all Primary Therapies, Specialty Programs, and Therapy Services are all available on the Programs and Services page.

Learn about all of the Programs and Services available at Siskin Hospital. 

Caring People. Changing Lives.®

Siskin Hospital's Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation is a comprehensive program designed for patients who need close medical oversight by a Physiatrist, 24-hour Nursing care, and a therapy program where patients recieve a minimum of three hours of therapy, five days per week. 

We realize that when you leave the Inpatient program, your rehabilitation journey may not yet be fully complete. This is why we will continue to be there to help you with every step on your road to healing- through our quality Outpatient Rehabilitation (conveniently located throughout the community), numerous Support Groups, fully accessible Fitness Center, and programs such as Vocational Rehabilitation. 

In addition to these services, we also offer a SubAcute Unit. SubAcute Rehabilitation provides 24-hour Nursing care and a less intensive medical and therapy treatment program. The SubAcute Program is located within the main hospital, shares treatment facilities and equipment with the Inpatient Program, and is physician led. 

We are the only rehabilitation facility in the area to offer this full continuum of services, providing seamless care with the same level of excellence, expertise, individualized attention, and encouragement throughout every stage of your recovery process.