Nutritional Health Coach

Nutritional Health Coach

Job Summary

The Nutritional Health Coach will assist our associates and clients in finding new ways to inspire
healthier habits. The position will work closely with our associates and clients in promoting
wellness and helping individuals realize their personal best. Our Nutritional Health Coach will be
responsible for developing a relationship with employees and clients by assisting them through
the process of actively working towards better health by providing support, encouragement,
and education.

At Siskin Hospital, we believe in teamwork and respect, and we encourage our associates and clients to
challenge the status quo. It is our expectation that every associate and client commits to
bringing his or her best selves in every day. We are passionate about health and wellness, we
love helping our associates and clients lead healthier lives. This position will keep up to date on
the latest food trends and how to incorporate them into our diet.

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Provide safe, comprehensive, empowering, and proven Nutrition Coaching programs
  • Teach on macronutrients, calories and the effects of healthy eating
  • Ensure members remain motivated to attain their personal health and fitness goals
  • Engage members in our personal trainers/exercise classes/supplements
  • Maintain clean personal workspace and assists with keeping workplace clean
  • Attend and participate in activities, workshops, and individual One-on-One meetings
  • Lead nutrition consultations, coaching sessions, behavioral strategies, meal planning
  • Develop and maintain a Nutrition client base of 10-25 repeating clients
  • Promote and recommend Nutrition programs and information sessions to members
  • Serve as a coach and advisor to members during their programs through proactive,
    regular outreach (by phone, email, social media, etc) and by responding to member
    emails, calls, and community outreach.
  • Maintain accurate records of member interactions
  • Track member results (photos, statistics, recognition)
  • Contribute to program improvement by collecting/compiling member inquiries and
  • Achieve a monthly personal sales goal by providing exceptional follow up, support and
    client care

Bachelors in Nutrition required and Licensed Registered Dietitian preferred

  • Prior experience or strong desire to pursue work within the health & fitness industry
  • Experience setting and striving for personal business productivity quotas is a plus
  • Personal Training experience is a plus, not required
  • Group health, fitness, or nutrition event organization / facilitation experience highly
    desired (seminars, weight loss challenges, grocery store tours, how-to workshops, etc.)
  • Educational and/or professional background and/or strong interest in nutrition, health
    and behavioral management
  • Desire to help members achieve their weight management and health goals
  • Ability to proactively problem solve
  • Patience and perspective in dealing with member concerns
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work a part-time, flexible schedule including some evening and weekend
  • Effective time management skills
  • Superior organizational skills
Siskin Hospital is a Smoke-Free Facility!

In order to further our mission of helping others achieve and maintain healthy lives, effective March 1, 2017, Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation will no longer hire individuals who use tobacco or nicotine products in any form. Siskin Hospital recognizes the major importance of employees’ health and the responsibility of maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all employees, volunteers, patients and visitors. Therefore, all individuals who are offered a position with Siskin Hospital are screened for illegal drug, alcohol, and/or tobacco/nicotine as part of the post-offer health screening. Individuals whose post-offer health screening results are verified positive for illegal drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco/nicotine use, and/or whose reference and/or background checks are verified unsatisfactory, will be disqualified from employment, their job offer will be withdrawn, and they may be disqualified from applying for employment for one (1) year from the date of the post-offer health screening.

The Cultural Competency and Diversity Plan of Siskin Hospital is designed to help create and maintain an environment that promotes inclusion. Overall, creating the best experience for our patients and our employees. Caring People, Changing Lives.


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