Medical Staff Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

Medical Staff Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

Job Description Summary

Responsible for assigned medical staff and administrative meetings/functions to ensure compliance with hospital and medical staff bylaws, Rules and Regulations, as well as state and federal requirements and accreditation standards. Ensures all aspects of credentialing, including appointment, reappointment, proctoring, privileging and provisional status for Licensed Independent Practitioners and Associate health Professionals. Interfaces with the Quality department, Department Managers, and physicians to provide
and interpret relevant data enabling identification of practitioners who may have deficiencies in meeting the standards of care for the community. Guides the Medical Staff through corrective action proceedings and generates documentation to support the findings and process.

  • Education: Associate’s degree minimum. College level courses in medical staff management or related field preferred. Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Licenses/Certification: CPCS or CPMSM certification preferred. Equivalent combination of education, training, and experience may substitute for certification. If not already CPCS or CPMSM certified, will seek certification as soon as is qualified to do so.
  • Experience: Experience with word processing and spreadsheet applications required. Experience with preparing committee meetings and composing minutes and follow-up correspondence required. Experience with credentialing, initial appointment and reappointment applications preferred. Experience with or direct involvement in a combined accreditation and licensing survey at an acute care hospital preferred. Familiarity with credentialing software preferred.

Essential Functions

A: Job Specific

  • Performs all aspects of credentialing, including appointment, reappointment, privileging, and proctoring an current licensure for physicians and allied health practitioners
  • Responsible for the coordination and effective functioning of assigned Medical Staff and Administrative committee meetings to ensure compliance with the Medical Staff Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and applicable policies and procedures.
  • Maintains confidential credential files and electronic medical staff database.
  • Coordinates the orientation of new medical staff members to hospital protocols and services.
  • Exhibits a high degree of responsibility for confidential matters.
  • Assists in the development of medical staff policies and procedures, by-laws, and rules/regulations.
  • Coordinates any judicial review and/or appeal process r/t assigned committees. Interacts with attorneys, witnesses, medical staff representatives, and administration to ensure adherence to policies and procedures.
  • Actively participates in accrediting body/State Licensure accreditation surveys to ensure compliance.
  • Collects PI data and interface with the VP of Quality and Compliance to integrate quality of care and risk management findings into proctoring and reappointment process resulting in acceptable outcomes.
  • Conducts job responsibilities in accordance with the standards set out in the Company’s Code of Conduct, its policies and procedures, applicable federal and state laws, and applicable professional standards.
  • Promotes adherence to the Company’s Code of Conduct by monitoring employee and medical staff performance and identifying and responding to compliance issues.
  • Assists the hospital’s Medical Director to assure completion of established medical director functions.
  • Screens and refers incoming calls/visitors for the VP of Quality and compliance.
  • Schedules meetings and appointments, making appropriate arrangements as necessary (reserving meeting space, ordering food, travel).
  • Coordinates and executes general clerical and administrative support functions for the VP of Quality and Compliance, the Medical Director, and departments reporting to the VP of Quality and Compliance.
  • Orders office supplies.
  • Prepares, copies, collates, and assembles reports and documents.
  • Organizes own workload and office procedures in a manner that will effectively meet deadlines and priorities established by supervisors.
  • Assists the Vice President of Quality and Compliance in the gathering, synthesis and analysis of quality and compliance data.
  • Performs other duties as requested and/or required.

B: Company Specific

  • Adheres to dress code, appearance is neat and clean and wears appropriate identification while on duty.
  • Completes annual health, safety, and education requirements. Maintains professional growth and development.
  • Maintains confidentiality of all protected information to assure patient, employee and medical staff rights are protected.
  • Reports to work on time as scheduled; adheres to policies regarding notification of absence.
  • Attends all mandatory in-services and staff meetings.
  • Represents the organization in a positive and professional manner.
  • Complies with all organizational policies regarding ethical business practices.
  • Communicates the mission, ethics, and goals of the hospital, as well as the focus statement of the department.
  • Maintains current licensure/certification for position, if applicable.
  • Consistently demonstrates Guest Relation’s skills to patients, physicians, visitors, employees, and any other individuals with whom they may come in contact.
  • Consistently follows departmental and hospital Health, Safety, Security, Hazardous Materials policies and procedures.
  • Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to communicate in English effectively through verbal and written means to the extent necessary to perform job duties appropriately. Reading and comprehension at level necessary to perform job duties appropriately.
  • Knowledge of State and Federal regulations and accreditation standards.
  • Independent problem solving and decision making abilities.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of all patient and/or employee information to assure patient and/or employee rights are protected.
  • Ability to work under stress and to respond quickly in emergency situations. Ability to work cooperatively as a member of a team.
  • Demonstrates good interpersonal skills when working or interacting with others.


Siskin Hospital is a Smoke-Free Facility!

In order to further our mission of helping others achieve and maintain healthy lives, effective March 1, 2017, Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation will no longer hire individuals who use tobacco or nicotine products in any form. Siskin Hospital recognizes the major importance of employees’ health and the responsibility of maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all employees, volunteers, patients and visitors. Therefore, all individuals who are offered a position with Siskin Hospital are screened for illegal drug, alcohol, and/or tobacco/nicotine as part of the post-offer health screening. Individuals whose post-offer health screening results are verified positive for illegal drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco/nicotine use, and/or whose reference and/or background checks are verified unsatisfactory, will be disqualified from employment, their job offer will be withdrawn, and they may be disqualified from applying for employment for one (1) year from the date of the post-offer health screening.

The Cultural Competency and Diversity Plan of Siskin Hospital is designed to help create and maintain an environment that promotes inclusion. Overall, creating the best experience for our patients and our employees. Caring People, Changing Lives.


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