Manager of Health Information Services (HIS) / Privacy Officer

Manager of Health Information Services (HIS) / Privacy Officer


Job Summary         

Provides overall direction for all activities of the Health Information Services Department, including medical records management, PAI coding, central transcription, performance improvement, patient safety, and program evaluation and inpatient support services.  Is responsible for supervision of all staff assigned to the Health Information Services Department, for adhering to established budgetary guidelines, and for directing the planning and organization of all activities of the department.  Serves as the organization’s Privacy Office

Scope of Authority / Leadership Responsibility / Reporting Relationships/ Identification of Work Team

Direct supervisory responsibility for all Health Information Services staff, students, and volunteers.  Authority to authorize expenditures up to limits established by Hospital policy and budgetary guidelines.  Accountable to the Vice President of Quality and Compliance for all daily management and operating decisions.  Works collaboratively with all other patient care and support department managers in meeting identified patient and Hospital needs.  Vice-chairs the Information Management Committee in conjunction with the Chief Information Officer.

Minimum Qualifications or Equivalents 


Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited Medical Records program


Previous experience in a hospital medical records department required; previous experience in a management or supervisory capacity preferred.  Previous experience in an inpatient rehabilitation facility and skilled nursing facility preferred. Experienced in ICD-10 coding


Current status as a Registered Health Information Administrator.  Certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance preferred.  CCS credential preferred.


Strong oral and written skills; the ability to deal with a wide variety of clinical/technical data, to abstract key information and to sort it and present it in a usable and understandable format; highly organized and able to establish priorities among a wide variety of diverse demands; well-developed knowledge base within areas of responsibility and the ability to organize work assignments and delegate responsibilities in a logical and efficient manner

Physical/Mental Requirements

This position requires the ability to be able to access all patient care and support areas of the Hospital and to adequately communicate with patients, visitors and staff.  The position also requires the ability to concentrate on detailed and/or confidential information, retain it and relate it appropriately in future situations

Environmental and Working Conditions 

Typical office/hospital environment; must occasionally travel to outside meetings/conferences

Job Duties

The following description of job responsibilities and standards are intended to reflect the major responsibilities and duties of the job. Other duties not included in this list may be required based on the needs of Siskin Hospital.

Job Responsibilities

  • Contributes to the achievement of the mission and values of Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation through acknowledging the dignity and worth of all individuals; Achieving service excellence through the principles of quality care, courtesy, reliability, respect, and concern; and establishing an environment that is responsive to patients, guests, and employees’ needs.
  • Directs operations of service area to ensure that effective, quality services are provided in a manner congruent with the Hospital’s mission and strategic plan. Contributes effectively to designated team and Hospital goals and performance improvement activities.
  • Provides for a safe environment for patients, visitors, and coworkers
  • Provides overall direction to general medical record, PAI completion, and transcription functions of the department
  • Works with the VP of Quality and Compliance in Risk Management to assure accuracy and security of records. Assists the VP of Quality and Compliance in Risk Management activities including the following
  • Provides coordination for medical record evaluation and utilization review activities which ensure that services are delivered and resources are utilized according to established Hospital and regulatory guidelines
  • Provides effective human resources management in developing the personnel within the Health Information Services Department
  • Manages the financial and physical resources of the Health Information Services Department, within the fiscal guidelines of the Hospital
  • Serves as an effective member of the Hospital’s Management Team, participating in hospital-wide management efforts and fostering team work and positive communication


Siskin Hospital is a Smoke Free Facility!

In order to further our mission of helping others achieve and maintain healthy lives, effective March 1, 2017, Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation will no longer hire individuals who use tobacco or nicotine products in any form. Siskin Hospital recognizes the major importance of employees’ health and the responsibility of maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all employees, volunteers, patients and visitors. Therefore, all individuals who are offered a position with Siskin Hospital are screened for illegal drug, alcohol, and/or tobacco/nicotine as part of the post-offer health screening. Individuals whose post-offer health screening results are verified positive for illegal drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco/nicotine use, and/or whose reference and/or background checks are verified unsatisfactory, will be disqualified from employment, their job offer will be withdrawn, and they may be disqualified from applying for employment for one (1) year from the date of the post-offer health screening.

The Cultural Competency and Diversity Plan of Siskin Hospital is designed to help create and maintain an environment that promotes inclusion. Overall, creating the best experience for our patients and our employees. Caring People, Changing Lives.


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