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Possibilities 2019 with Chris Norton

Siskin Hospital's 16th Annual Possibilities Luncheon will be held Tuesday, March 5, 2019 from 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the Chattanooga Convention Center.

Chris Norton

Just six weeks into his freshman year at college, Chris Norton got knocked down hard. Really hard.

He’d mistimed a play in the third quarter of a football game and fell to the ground severely injured, instantly losing all function and feeling from the neck down.

Doctors told him he’d fractured his C3-C4 vertebrae and gave him a three percent chance of ever moving anything below his neck again.

Chris wasn’t going to take that lying down. His determination to be among the three percent drove him to his feet, first across the graduation platform, and then down the wedding aisle.

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Chris resolved to accept his college diploma standing up - and he was going to walk across the commencement platform to get it. After months of arduous physical rehabilitation, he did just that, with a little help from his then-fiancée Emily Summers.

Chris then set a new goal - to walk Emily, his new bride, down the aisle at their wedding. 

With the support of his friends, family, faith, and the love of his life, Chris has found the power to stand. He is dedicating his life to empowering others to overcome their own obstacles through his motivational speaking and the Chris Norton Foundation.

"I've seen far too many good people go without the necessary therapy equipment and assistance to achieve their recovery goals," he says. "People without the luxury of adequate insurance policies, quitting only because they couldn't afford to recover."

The Chris Norton Foundation has raised more than $800,000 to help people with spinal cord and neuromuscular injuries and disabilities. It provides tools, therapies, adaptive camps and research to millions of people. 

The newlyweds have since become parents to five foster children, and Chris, at 28, has become a sought-after motivational speaker, touted by the Midwest Speakers Bureau as one of its "hottest event keynote speakers for 2018."

You'll be inspired by Chris's faith, determination and perseverance. His story will help any of us facing obstacles and difficult circumstances to have the power to stand.

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The Possibilities Luncheon gives us the opportunity to highlight the courage and success of some of our remarkable former patients. They share their miraculous stories of recovery in a heartwarming video. This year's patient honoree is Ricky Allison, a married father of two small children, whose normal day at work ended in a trip to Erlanger's emergency room. The numbness and tingling on his right side which indicated stroke was confirmed: Ricky had suffered a major stroke at only 35 years old. Questions and uncertainty crowded in but Ricky and Beth, his wife, had strong faith and a determination to take on whatever challenges presented themselves. After a 10-day acute hospital stay, he came to Siskin Hospital, unable to walk. Five weeks later, he walked out the doors and resumed life with a grateful heart for his many gifts: family, faith, and restored health.

Our sincere thanks to 2019 Possibilities Steeriing Committee Co-Chairs Stan and Betsy McCright. We also thank our dedicated Steering Committee for their support and fundraising efforts.

Thank you to our generous sponsors! We appreciate your support of Possibilities 2019 and Siskin Hospital!

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