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A History of Giving

The Dream

In Chattanooga, physical rehabilitation is synonymous with Mose and Garrison Siskin, philanthropic brothers who experienced tragedy in their lives and knew physical rehabilitation firsthand. They established the area's first outpatient physical rehabilitation facility in 1957, and later a preschool for children with special needs. But both men passed away before seeing their greatest dream fulfilled - a comprehensive physical rehabilitation hospital where the disabled could learn to live life to its fullest.

Our Beginnings  

After a joint study by Erlanger Medical Center and Siskin Memorial Foundation determined the need for comprehensive physical rehabilitation care for the people of Chattanooga, the facility envisioned by the Siskin brothers boldly took shape.

In 1986, a separate corporation was established and a board was appointed to develop and operate the hospital. From an empty plot of land and the desk of one employee, former President and CEO Robert Main, the hospital's purpose and physical structure grew.


Our distinctive five-story steel exterior is a visible legacy of the Siskin brothers, but the interior of the facility is a thoughtful reflection of the unique needs of the physical rehabilitation patient and their family. Mahogany wood accents, warm colors and the generous dimensions of our halls, private patient rooms, and treatment areas give patients the homelike environment and the space necessary for healing their bodies, minds and spirits. Each level of treatment, from inpatient and outpatient care to workforce training, and each therapy specialty, is housed in an area of the hospital designed to meet the particular needs of the patient.

Community Impact 

Over the past 20-plus years, Siskin Hospital has returned more than 40,000 patients to active, rewarding lives after sudden accident or illness. From strokes to traumatic brain injuries, these patients were served with the most comprehensive care available in the Chattanooga area.

We host a variety of monthly support groups designed to meet the needs of patients and their families, including Amputee, Brain Injury, Epilepsy, Low Vision, Parkinson’s Disease, Scleroderma, Spinal Cord Injury, and Stroke Support Groups, as well as a Communications Skills Group. 

Learn more about Siskin Hospital's Support Groups.

Siskin Hospital has provided nearly $20 million in care for patients who were unable to pay for the cost of their rehabilitation, or whose insurance does not cover crucial programs vital to their recovery.


From an initial plan for a 50-bed hospital to today's 217-bed facility, Siskin Hospital has expanded its levels of care and specialty services to provide for the physical rehabilitation needs of the growing and changing Chattanooga community and surrounding areas. Through our close ties to state and regional healthcare providers, we listen firsthand to physicians' concerns about care of their patients and initiate programs to meet their needs. With testing and treatment previously only offered in Nashville and Atlanta, Siskin Hospital hasanswered the community's call for innovative, local rehabilitation services provided by dedicated, specially trained physical rehabilitation professionals.


Through employee recognition initiatives, patient activities, fundraisers, and physician and referral source appreciation events, we take time to celebrate those who impact our hospital most. From the very beginning, we have participated in the annual National Rehabilitation Week Celebration, comprised of seven days of community education and outreach, employee fundraisers for patients in need, and luncheons and games for staff, patients and family members. Our annual golf tournament is Chattanooga's premier golfing event and the "Possibilities" Luncheon continues to grow beyond our expectations.  With each year that passes, the hundreds of patients we serve give us more reasons to celebrate.


Second to our steadfast commitment to deliver the most comprehensive, caring treatment to our patients is our belief in the strong power of laughter and teamwork as tools of healing and encouragement. Consistent leadership by a team of open-door professionals and a customer service focus combine to create a working and healing environment distinguished by a personal approach and collaborative spirit. Our employees' sense of responsibility and community nurtures an environment where problem solving thrives and the phrase, "That's not my job," is erased from our vocabulary.


As the Chattanooga area's only physical rehabilitation facility accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, and as the state's only freestanding not-for-profit physical rehabilitation hospital, we have a reputation for pioneering, thoughtful expansion and quality care. With the foundation built on a legacy of caring, innovation, and growth, Siskin Hospital is poised to succeed in the changing world of healthcare. We continually seek new ways to serve our healthcare community, and the disabled population in particular. Our vision for the future is based on our ongoing commitment to providing the innovative care necessary to return our patients to successful, rewarding lives.