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A few Siskin Hospital employees were selected to share their personal thoughts and opinions about being a part of the "Caring People. Changing Lives."® family!

As an employee who has been here for over 15 years, I am proud of the overall “Caring People. Changing Lives.” philosophy that permeates the environment!  Employees REALLY do care about their patients and their co-workers! 
- Darlene R. Jenkins, Vocational Consultant

My name is Joy Wimsatt, and I call Siskin the “Hilton” of Rehab. The therapists are awesome. The staff you work with on the floor are great; they are some of the best I’ve ever worked with. There is great team work between nurses and CNAs; everyone has been so helpful and supportive. Each patient is uniquely different and special. They have needs for us to meet and it’s nice for them if we do it with a smile. Service first is KEY. Siskin?  It’s a great place to work.
- Joy Wimsatt, CNA Nursing Staff

I feel so fortunate to have spent two clinical rotations at Siskin Hospital and even more so to be able to work in the Fitness Center and as an occupational therapist in Inpatient rehabilitation upon graduation. There is no other place that fosters learning, caring for others, and enjoying life more than Siskin Hospital. It is truly amazing to work in a place that you are inspired every day. From the unbelievable patients and their stories of triumph, to the unrelenting desire that each therapist has to be the best therapist they can be, it is all astounding. There are many choices out there for people’s rehabilitation needs but I truly believe that I will be working for the best. I am proud and excited to be a new member of the Siskin Hospital family.
- Scarlet Wall, Inpatient Occupational Therapist

I've not only worked here for more than 20 years, but trust Siskin Hospital with my boys. One of my sons had back surgery and was a patient here for a week, followed by Outpatient for many months. My other son worked here as a volunteer, and got to enjoy the Fitness Center as a perk.  I love working here and have grown so much working in several different roles throughout the hospital. 
- Lisa Peel, RN Nursing Staff, MDS Coordinator, SA

I have only been here for a short time, but Siskin Hospital already feels like my second home. My co-workers work well as a team. And there have been so many patients who have touched my heart.
- Crismary Caridad, CNA Nursing Staff, 2North Brain Injury Unit 

Being a part of Siskin Hospital is truly a blessing. I see the good we accomplish with our patients and how we make a difference in their lives. This in turn touches my life and the life of my family. I have a wonderful work family with co-workers that I call friends.
- Susan A. Sitton, RN Nursing Staff