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Neurological Treatment Technologies

The Center for NeuroRecovery employs several evidence-based treatment technologies to address neurological deficits.

Staff uses the Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Bike to help restore functional movement. Research has proven that combining electrical stimulation with physical movement provides many positive effects, both on motor re-learning and muscle condition.

Therapists use the Biodex Balance System to improve patient strength, range of motion, gait and balance for a wide range of neurological disorders, including Parkinson's, stroke, or peripheral neuropathy.

ArmeoSpring is an ergonomic exoskeleton specifically designed for patients who are beginning to regain active movement of the arm and hand after a stroke or brain injury.

Other treatment technologies include:

  • Hocomo Erigo
  • Hocoma Lokomat
  • Customizable Digital Displays
  • Saebo
  • Bioness H-200
  • Hivamat
  • Assisted Listening Devices
  • Vital Stim
  • Augmentive & Alternative Communication Devices
  • Electronic Magnification Devices
  • Dynavision

To talk to one of our Center for NeuroRecovery specialists, or to arrange a tour, please call 634-1385.