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Center for NeuroRecovery

From Inpatient to Outpatient to NeuroWellness, Siskin Hospital’s Center for NeuroRecovery offers an unparalleled scope of neurological services in the Chattanooga region.

Located in Siskin Hospital's Outpatient Pavilion, the Center for NeuroRecovery treats patients affected by:

Whether a patient is admitted as a Siskin Hospital inpatient or outpatient, the Center for NeuroRecovery Program serves as the “hub” for those with neurological impairments throughout the continuum of a treatment plan.

Learn more about the Siskin Hospital Center for NeuroRecovery:

Specialized Neurological Treatment Competencies

Evidence-Based Neuro-Rehabilitative Diagnostic Technologies

Evidence-Based Neuro-Rehabilitative Treatment Technologies

Living/Self-Care Therapy

Controlled Rehabilitation Environment

Simulated "Exercise" Area

Evidence-Based Neuro-Rehabilitative Gait Training Continuum

Services to Meet Identified Community Needs

Siskin Hospital works closely with the medical community and various resource groups, such as the Chattanooga Area Brain Injury Association, to develop specialized programs and services to meet the needs of our community.

Outpatient NeuroRecovery Program a “Central Hub”

Inpatients can begin to use the various features of the Outpatient NeuroRecovery program during their inpatient stay. This helps patients to easily move into an outpatient level of care so they can benefit from the consistency of care available through the entire Siskin Hospital continuum. This requires a coordinated effort of the medical, nursing, therapy and respiratory staff.

Siskin Hospital provides patients with a seamless transition between programs. Some of the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies, combined with our therapists’ specialized neurological treatment competencies, ensure comprehensive care for our patients throughout the continuum of their care.


Siskin Hospital's NeuroWellness Program

The functional status of many patients with neurological issues has the potential to rapidly deteriorate. Staying active with an appropriately-crafted and supervised NeuroWellness Program can help diminish or dramatically delay this functional deterioration. This program, integrating therapy guidance and technology, will largely take place in Siskin Hospital's Health & Fitness Center

To talk to one of our Center for NeuroRecovery specialists, or to arrange a tour, please call 634-1385.