Why Therapy Matters for Wellness

August 5, 2022

August is Wellness Month and Siskin Hospital believes that whole body wellness is a part of your healing process. Healing your body is a mind, body and soul experience. You can’t fully heal unless you incorporate all of these into your healing. Today we are going to focus on the importance of mental healing in the context of whole body wellness.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, mental wellness is defined as – “an internal resource that helps us think, feel, connect, and function; it is an active process that helps us to build resilience, grow, and flourish.” Mental wellness is an active resource – one that we can continuously draw from in times of need. Yet, how do we build this strength and resilience?

One way is through therapy. Many of our patients come into our hospital believing that therapy is a physical process. Which it is that – our gyms are built for this. What many do not see is the work that happens behind closed doors in our Behavioral Health department. The private work of our psychologists and patients working together to help strengthen the mind. Building mental strength and resilience. To help our patients move forward in life with hope and healing.

Regardless of the extent of the injury you have experienced, your mind is fully linked to your body. We understand that affected individuals and their families frequently encounter heightened levels of stress, feelings of grief and loss, and changes in their quality of life. Our psychologists at Siskin Hospital provide in-depth evaluation and treatment of emotional and behavioral factors affecting adjustment and recovery.

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