Treating the Whole Person

July 13, 2021

At Siskin Hospital, our patients are more than just patients with a physical condition. They are highly individualized people, with differing goals, feelings, needs, experiences, perceptions, and circumstances. While a physical condition brings a person to Siskin Hospital, we know we are treating the whole person – physical, emotional, mental. This approach ensures the best possible outcome for our patients. Such is the case with Mr. Green.

Mr. Green was cutting down a tree in his front yard when it jerked back as it toppled and pinned him to the ground. His neighbor across the street called 911 and Mr. Green was rushed to the hospital with several crushed bones. Once he was strong enough, he came to Siskin Hospital for his physical rehabilitation. Gessy, his physical therapist, deliberately got to know him as a person, just as she does with all her patients. She learned that he was a musician and was skilled on a variety of instruments. That gave her an idea of something she could do to help encourage him and ease his transition to rehabilitation.

The next day, she brought in a guitar for him to play between therapy sessions. It made all the difference in the world to Mr. Green’s therapy experience. He eagerly tuned the guitar and was soon providing music therapy for himself, his fellow patients and staff. He also was more motivated in therapy and progressed quickly. His music ability, honed over four decades, was greatly missed when he discharged home.

Watch this short video of Mr. Green’s talent: