“Talking” watch donated to Siskin Hospital

August 1, 2017

When Sandy Zuckerman’s mother died, she wanted to be sure her “talking” watch would go some place where it would benefit others. And she immediately thought of Siskin Hospital’s Low Vision Program.

“Mom participated in the Low Vision Program for a short time period, until dementia took over her life,” says Sandy.”It was very helpful to her.”

Sandy came to Siskin Hospital and handed off the “talking” watch to Amy Burba, OTR/L, who directs the Low Vision Program. Interestingly, Amy is the one who helped Sandy’s mother, Sylvia Green, several years ago. With the onset of Sylvia’s dementia, Amy went to her house and put post-it notes on the microwave, the oven and other appliances.

“Everyone involved in the Low Vision Program was very compassionate and caring,” says Sandy. “The watch donation is a very small way to say ‘thank you.'”

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