Siskin Hospital’s Young Stroke Program gets “Warrior Queen” on her feet and out the door

August 16, 2021

“Johnny, I need you to come home,” said the distressed voice of his wife, Tina, on Johnny Williams’s cell phone.

Johnny was making arrangements to leave work when a few moments later, he received another call from his son, Kendron. “Dad, this is serious – you’ve got to come now!”

As soon as Johnny saw his wife lying in bed, he instantly knew what had happened, as he’d lost his dad to a heart attack a couple of years previously.

Tina, 46, couldn’t move anything on her left side – she was paralyzed from a stroke. After three days in the acute hospital, medical staff told her she needed physical rehabilitation and gave her a couple of choices. Because her aunt had been a patient in 2020, Tina insisted on Siskin Hospital for her own successful recovery. Staff in the Young Stroke Program evaluated Tina, who was eager to get to work, and developed an individualized plan for her.

A little over three weeks later, Tina, who became known to staff as the “Warrior Queen” for her dogged determination to surpass the prior day’s gains, is walking well and ready to go home.

“It takes willpower and a strong desire to recover to succeed in rehabilitation,” Tina says. “And Siskin Hospital’s awesome staff, who encouraged me all the way!”