Siskin Hospital awarded grant for Low Vision Program

November 17, 2016

Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation has received a multi-year grant from the Chattanooga Ophthalmologic Foundation to increase and improve services for persons with impaired vision.

The three-year grant of $194,650 will help fund Siskin Hospital’s Low Vision Program, which provides occupational therapy, psychological counseling, and a low vision support group to visually-impaired persons in Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia. It will also fund upgrades for equipment used in rehabilitation of visual impairments related to neurological diagnoses.

“The demand for low vision rehabilitation continues to grow,” said Carol Sim, president and CEO of Siskin Hospital. “This grant will ensure we continue to provide multiple intervention strategies that will minimize disability and enable older adults to stay at home.”

The Low Vision Program at Siskin Hospital helps improve the patient’s performance of daily activities through training on the use of adaptive equipment and optical devices; training patients in the use of compensatory techniques; and education. Strong evidence supports a multidisciplinary approach to low vision rehabilitation.

“Our patients are generally referred to us by their eye doctors,” said Amy Burba, OTR/L, who directs Siskin Hospital’s Low Vision Program. “We develop a plan of care, which is submitted for the eye doctor’s approval, and begin therapy sessions to address each goal.”

In addition, Siskin Hospital partners with other organizations to provide quality, comprehensive low vision services through the Low Vision Network, a collaborative partnership formed in 2015 between Siskin Hospital, Signal Centers for Technology and Southeast Vision Rehabilitation. The Low Vision Network improves the quality of patient care by close cooperation and communication among its members, so that each entity performs its services in concert with its partners to most efficiently and effectively treat patients.

To learn more about Siskin Hospital’s Low Vision Program, call (423) 634-1564 or email