Siskin Hospital announces the opening of the Center for NeuroRecovery

September 21, 2016

For many years, Siskin Hospital has offered specialized treatment programs to inpatients, subacute patients, outpatients and fitness center members. Now, the expanded Center for NeuroRecovery ties all these service levels together in a “center of excellence” that serves as the “hub” for those with neurological impairments throughout the continuum of a treatment plan.

“We believe this new program offers an unparalleled scope of neurological services in the Chattanooga region,” said Siskin Hospital President and CEO Carol Sim.

The key to the Center for NeuroRecovery is team coordination of a patient’s treatment plan across programs, the acquisition of expert medical professionals and an engaged and highly competent clinical staff. For example, all Siskin Hospital clinicians working in any of the NeuroRecovery programs must complete a minimum of 10 hours of neurologically-related continuing education annually – and most of them far surpass this baseline expectation. Accordingly, Siskin Hospital has more Certified Brain Injury Specialists and Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialists than any facility in the region.

In addition, new technology allows therapists to identify and measure impairments that in the past were difficult to measure. For instance, speech pathologists can see in real time how a patient is swallowing by using a process known as Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing. And with the Frenzel Goggles, physical therapists can watch minute involuntary movements of the eyes, giving them vital clues used to establish an effective treatment plan for vertigo.

With a clear diagnostic evaluation, therapists can then use evidence-based neuro-rehabilitative treatment technologies to help restore a patient’s functional movement, strength, gait, balance and other functional competencies.

The Center for NeuroRecovery also includes a home-like treatment area where patients practice activities of daily living, such as cooking, bed making, and mobility at home. Such motor relearning is critical to helping patients regain their independence.

A mix of private, semi-private and open treatment spaces, the Center meets the stimulation control needs of neurologically-impaired patients. And a defined “exercise” area built specifically for neurological deficits helps patients master the use of exercise equipment under the supervision of therapy, making it easier for patients to transition to an independent exercise program.

The Siskin Health & Fitness Center is also an integral component of the Center for NeuroRecovery. Individuals with neurological challenges can receive guidance by specially-trained exercise physiologists in this medical model fitness center.

To talk to one of our Center for NeuroRecovery specialists, or to arrange a tour, please call 634-1385.