Military/athletic training technology available to Siskin Hospital patients

September 7, 2017

The same technology used by athletes and military personnel to increase automatic response time, sharpen periphery and improve the accuracy of eye-hand coordination is available to Siskin Hospital’s patients.

The Dynavision D2™ is a simple electronic board consisting of 64 LED lights, which, when activated, come on at various speeds and different patterns. Patients stand in front of the board and react to the lights by hitting them as fast as they can during an allotted time period. The device keeps track of the patient’s score, and additional challenges can be incorporated as the patient’s skill improves.

The Dynavision D2™  is used to address underlying visual, cognitive and motor deficits including visual-motor reaction time, peripheral visual awareness, executive functions, active range-of-motion and dynamic balance. A patient’s function and performance improves as new skills develop and improve.

“The Dynavision D2 allows us to help patients with visual deficits from stroke or concussion to return to independence with daily activities,” says Amy Burba, OTR/L and director of Siskin Hospital’s Outpatient Therapy Services. “It helps them to be more consistently effective in using their vision to react to the environment.”

For more information on the Outpatient Therapy Services at Siskin Hospital or the Center for NeuroRecovery, call 634-1400.