Make Moving Safe

November 15, 2021

Clinical Reviewer: Siskin Hospital Falls Team

Most of us in healthcare have experienced it – we walk by a patient’s room and see the call light going off. Or maybe an alarm sounding.

We’re ready to assist, but often don’t have information readily available on how to safely do so for this specific patient, such as: At what level of fall risk is this patient? Can the patient safely transfer independently? Is transfer assistance needed? If so, what level of assistance is needed? Does the patient need help toileting? Does staff need to be present the entire time?

Having quick access to complete and current information on each individual patient’s abilities would make it more likely the clinical associate will be able to render the needed help, thought our Falls Team, a multi-disciplinary team of Siskin Hospital associates. So they put their heads together and came up with a plan to provide accurate and up-to-date information on each patient’s ability. The team created and piloted the Safe Care and Mobility Card tool. The pilot was successful and rolled out facility-wide in October.

Therapists complete the Safe Care and Mobility Card on evaluation and attach it to the back of the patient’s wheelchair so it’s readily available at all times. The card provides a quick snapshot of the patient’s current level of function, mobility precautions, and the safest and best handling techniques that should be used on the nursing units. They are updated as a patient progresses. The cards also provide staff with a reference of standard fall prevention interventions and strategies based on the assigned fall risk level.

Now, all clinical associates can confidently answer a patient’s call light, knowing they have current and detailed information about the safest and best handling method for every patient.