Health & Fitness Center member loses 113 pounds

March 2, 2016

Barbara Foster’s knee pain had become so intolerable that she could barely walk.

For 28 years, she’d been on her feet, taking care of patients as a nurse anesthetist. But now she found it almost impossible to get through the grocery store, let alone do her job for long hours at a time. She knew she couldn’t put off much longer the total knee replacement surgery recommended by her physician.

But as a nurse, Barbara knew her best chances for a successful post-surgery rehab would lie in her ability to lose a significant amount of weight well before the surgery date. She wanted to avoid the bariatric surgery that might have sped up the process, and prove she could do it herself with lifestyle changes. So she formulated a plan to meet her weight-loss goals before the date of her scheduled surgery. She joined Weight Watchers and got a membership at the Siskin Health and Fitness Center. She improved her eating habits, and the regular exercise increased her mobility. Slowly but surely, she began to see results.

Today, Barbara has lost a total of 113 pounds and is now in the BMI range appropriate for an orthopedic operation. And she is thrilled with the outcome!

“I eat more healthfully, I sleep better, and I can do so much more physically than before,” says Barbara. “I’m also more mobile and not as stiff. Besides all that, I’ve made some really great friends here at the Fitness Center!”

Barbara’s advice to anyone thinking about starting an exercise program: “Keep exercising until it becomes addictive, ’til you feel so good you won’t give it up!”

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