CEO Dr. Matt Gibson describes Siskin Hospital’s response to COVID-19

March 24, 2020

President and CEO Dr. Matthew Gibson describes in this video the steps taken to protect staff, patients and the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Complete transcript below.

Hello everyone! First just let me say “Thank You” to all of our dedicated Siskin Hospital associates who every day are delivering transformative care across our organization.

They are Caring People. Changing  Lives.

As we adjust in the midst of these extraordinary circumstances, I wanted to share with each of you some of the exceptional things that are happening at Siskin Hospital.

Just in the last week we had an average of 128 patients each day between our inpatient, subacute and long-term care units.

Our nursing and therapy teams are hard at work ensuring all our patients are continuing to meet their goals, like one patient who came to us after suffering a massive stroke and needing maximum assistance in almost everything he did.

To the delight of his treatment team, he walked out of Siskin Hospital on Saturday having made tremendous gains in all disciplines.

Another patient with a traumatic brain injury was able to finally return home after five weeks with us. When she was admitted, she wasn’t able to do anything for herself. When she arrived at Siskin Hospital she couldn’t walk, talk, swallow or even remember what happened from one moment to the next. When she left us last Tuesday, she was able to do all of those things again. Was she 100 percent?  Not quite, but with a lot of hard work on her part and the skillful team here, she is well on her way to getting her life back.

Then there was the gentleman who, at the beginning of the week, was unable to have anything by mouth. By the end of the week he had advanced to having pureed foods. That’s a big step from nothing at all.

These are just a few examples of the many lives we continue to touch each day.

We had 645 outpatient visits last week alone across our three outpatient sites and people are continuing to reach out to us requesting appointments.

Even though last week we temporarily closed our fitness center and vocational services program, I am pleased to report that at this time we have been able to re-deploy those associates to assist with other operations.

Our entryway health screenings have gone exceptionally well as we strive to ensure that every individual who walks through our doors is healthy. Our goal here is to minimize risk for those we serve as well as those who serve.

We prepared our Telehealth program to launch so our psychology department can continue to meet the needs of its patients. We look forward to adding more Telehealth services to this in the very near future.

We set up a mass communication tool that was fully deployed last week allowing us to more effectively keep all associates up-to-date on recent happenings.

We launched our SiskinConnects program where friends and family can email their loved ones and we deliver the messages directly to their rooms. This has allowed families who, because of visitor restrictions, are unable to come for a face-to-face visit to stay connected and provide encouragement to their loved one. Speaking of staying connected, our nursing and therapy staff can be seen throughout the day and evening helping patients FaceTime their loved ones.

Our team is living our motto of Caring People. Changing Lives. each and every day.

Last, but not least, I would like to share an update on our social media initiative where we asked area children being educated from home to send in artwork to help us color our patients happy.  Our post has now been viewed over 9,000 times and we are receiving a wonderful response.  Best of all, beautiful artwork is being distributed and bringing joy to our patients.

As you see, despite the Coronavirus, our mission continues.

For that, I want to personally thank all of our Siskin Hospital associates. We have some of the best rehabilitation specialists in the country on our team. I’m not only talking about our therapists, nurses and doctors. But those that work in respiratory, pharmacy, dietary, housekeeping, registration, security,  patient records, supply chain, admissions, marketing, radiology, case management, finance, infection control, quality management, IT, HR, skilled nursing, long term care, facilities and also our leadership team.

If you know someone that works on the front line in healthcare, I encourage you to take the time to thank them and please pray for them. These individuals are leaving their families during this time to make sure people are getting the care they deserve.

We’ll get through this very challenging situation, and get through it together.

We at Siskin Hospital are honored to serve this region, in this unprecedented time . . . and every day over the last 30-plus years.