Because of Siskin Hospital, we can farm our family’s land

August 24, 2014

W.O. Johnson was fulfilling his dream of working alongside his brother, Marvin, to farm the land that had been passed down to them, when a severe stroke suddenly put a halt to it all.

Unable to walk, use his left arm, move his hand, or swallow, W.O. was afraid he may never be able to help his brother farm again. Not only would this be a dramatic change in lifestyle for him, but it could also mean the end of an important tradition that had been part of their family’s legacy for generations.

W.O. came to Siskin Hospital with a determination to keep his dream alive, relying on a hard work ethic instilled in him from years on the farm. His perspective, faith, and the help of the caring staff at Siskin Hospital soon had him walking again. When he also regained movement in his left hand and arm, W.O. had a renewed hope that he would be able to return to the life and farm he loved so dearly.

When Marvin suffered a stroke a few years later, there was no doubt where he would turn for help. Having been an encouragement to his brother during his recovery and with firsthand knowledge of the excellent therapy and care he received, Marvin also turned to Siskin Hospital. Experiencing many of his brother’s same symptoms, Marvin too made great strides and was soon able to return to their beloved homestead, just in time to help bale hay.

Today the Johnson brothers are once again working side by side on the land their grandfather once also farmed. Thankful to be able to continue their dream together, they count each season as a blessing and are proud that they will be able to pass on their legacy to future generations.

Because of Siskin Hospital, we CAN.


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