Because of Siskin Hospital, I can work again

February 28, 2013

Barry Horne broke his leg in 2006, and a year later, it still had not healed.

After multiple visits with his physician, it was finally determined that severe vascular problems would require his leg to be amputated above the knee.

As a husband and father of twins, Barry didn’t have time for his life to be put on hold. Therapists in the Inpatient and Outpatient departments at Siskin Hospital worked diligently to help Barry adapt to his new reality, learn to walk again, and regain his independence. After only a few short months, he was able to return to work.

Today, he continues to enjoy his family, which now includes three grandchildren. He is able to create beautiful handcrafted cabinetry pieces that are a testament to his craftsmanship, and he is also a living example that having a disability doesn’t have to slow you down.

Because of Siskin Hospital, I CAN. 


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