Because of Siskin Hospital, I can tell your story

February 3, 2021

All LaTrice Currie remembers of that fateful day was getting ready for church and then finding herself on the kitchen floor, the room spinning around her.

Fortunately, her cell phone was within reach and she called a friend for help. Within minutes she was admitted to the hospital’s ICU. Doctors told her family and friends she was the “sickest patient in the hospital,” coding five times within two days. They battled to save her life from a pulmonary embolism and severe internal damage from compressions applied to resuscitate her. It would be three weeks before she regained consciousness.

Finally able to leave the trauma ICU and strong enough to start her physical rehabilitation journey, Siskin Hospital was there to help LaTrice get her life back. Uncertain about her future, weak and frail, but determined to regain her health and vigor, she turned to her faith and trusted the doctors, nurses, and staff at Siskin Hospital. She had come miraculously from the brink of death, but knew there was a lot of work ahead of her. She pushed herself to accomplish her goals, and her care team knew just how to encourage and direct her progress. In each day’s therapy session she made a little improvement, and those small gains accumulated significantly over time as she regained the life she almost lost.

Today, LaTrice is thankful for the outpouring of love she received during this process, the faith that sustained her through it all and everyone that helped in her journey. She feels blessed to be back in her role as Channel 3’s beloved and trusted news anchor.


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