Because of Siskin Hospital, I can reach my goals

September 19, 2016

When 14-year-old Taylor Price dislocated her left kneecap for the second time in two years playing sports, she was not prepared for what the doctor would find.

An x-ray revealed a femur deformity she unknowingly had since birth that placed excessive strain on her knee. The major surgical correction involved breaking her femur and putting in a metal plate and seven screws. An avid soccer player, Taylor was devastated to learn she would be on crutches for seven months, require extensive therapy and most likely miss her freshman soccer season.

Apprehensive, she arrived at Siskin Hospital’s Outpatient Therapy where her enthusiastic therapist Jill quickly relieved her anxiety. Because of her encouragement and skill, Taylor actually looked forward to therapy despite the hard work. The day Jill handed her a small soccer ball and challenged her to “stool soccer,” Taylor’s elated smile was matched only by her renewed confidence that she would achieve her goal of returning to soccer soon.

The expert therapy she received, along with prayer and the loving support of her family helped Taylor be back on the soccer field for the start of her freshman season, and she didn’t miss a game. When she had follow-up knee surgery later that year, there was no doubt she would return to Siskin Hospital for therapy.

Today, Taylor is finished with therapy and is playing varsity goalie for her Chattanooga Christian soccer team. She is excited to be back in the goal and thankful to have learned that even when life doesn’t go exactly as you had planned, there’s no room to ever give up.

Because of Siskin Hospital, I CAN.


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