Because of Siskin Hospital, I can protect my community

June 14, 2020

Major Tommy Bradford was doing what his 25 years as a Dade County police officer calls for him to do every day – protect his community.

Having been notified that a police chase had crossed state lines and was headed for their county at the exact time school was scheduled to let out, Major Bradford had just started to put out spike strips when the fleeing truck topped the hill at 90 miles per hour and barreled towards him. Losing control of the truck, the driver slammed into Major Bradford, leaving him on the pavement fighting for his life.

The impact left Major Bradford with severe injuries to his left leg and major trauma to much of his body. Still conscious but losing a tremendous amount of blood, he army-crawled to the shoulder of the road and waited for help to arrive. A passing motorist and a fellow police officer soon found him. When they saw Tommy’s life-threatening injuries, one of them used his belt to slow the bleeding from Tommy’s mangled left leg.

LIFE FORCE airlifted him to Erlanger where his left leg was partially amputated, and he remained in ICU for several days before coming to Siskin Hospital.

Upon his arrival at Siskin Hospital, the severity of his injuries had left him unable to walk or perform many of the daily self-care activities he formerly took for granted. However, he was met with a team of caring and dedicated therapists and nurses, determined to help Major Bradford regain the skills he had lost. Their knowledge and expertise were matched by their encouraging words and enthusiastic attitudes, and Major Bradford soon found himself progressing quickly. As he learned how to do simple things again like shower, get out of bed and maneuver in and out of a car, his confidence began to rise. When the day came to return home, Major Bradford felt comfortable and assured that he was ready to step back into his active life once more.

Today, Major Bradford is back where he belongs – on the job, proudly serving the citizens of Dade County.


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