Because of Siskin Hospital, I can get back on track

June 19, 2017

A hip injury in an 8th-grade football game was the catalyst for an orthopedic condition that would plague Kedrick Wilbanks for the next two years.

Kedrick’s initial injury was termed a “muscle bruise,” but when it happened again, his hip dislocated. A series of injuries followed, including multiple hip dislocations. Out of necessity, he started resetting his own hip. Sometimes everything seemed normal, but if he stepped wrong, or put too much weight on his leg, he would be back on crutches and in continual pain.

Steroid shots, medications and physical therapy only provided temporary relief. Eventually Kedrick was diagnosed with hip dysplagia, a congenital misalignment of the hip joint. Following an eight-hour operation, he came to Siskin Hospital for nine months of outpatient therapy.

Though conditioned to sports training, Kedrick had trouble motivating himself because he was in so much pain. His twin brother Kendrick kept encouraging him, telling him to keep going, not to give up. In time, he began to regain strength and overcome the pain.

One day, his therapist told him to go run on the Fitness Center track. When his brother began to out-distance him, Kedrick’s competitive spirit pushed him forward. It was then, he says, that he realized the new strength and stability of his hip, and felt enormous relief that it didn’t give under the pressure.

The next year, Kedrick resumed track and went on to make Best of Preps in track and field in both 2016 and 2017. He also won the state championship in 2016 and achieved top individual honor in track at the 2016 AAU Junior Olympics Games in Houston.

“I value every step I can take,” says Kedrick. “I have a greater appreciation for my family support, for my therapists, and the medical community that helped me get through this.” And today, he faces life with renewed optimism and hope.

Because of Siskin Hospital, I CAN.


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